28 February 2010

Party success.

Rosie had a blast at her party.
I would say it was a success.
my brain is mush and I'm taking
the boys to the movie.
you gotta stay tuned
for more tomorrow.

26 February 2010

under construction.

Exciting changes are coming!
Good news:
your 'odd girl out...?' viewing
will go uninterrupted.

click here
to check out
Betsy's 5th bithday party
as featured on

25 February 2010

Pink tutu Spongebob party realized: Take 1

Why, oh why, can't I get paid to do this stuff?
Because, it makes me giddy.
For reelz.
And, a wise man once said,
"If you love what you do,
you'll never work a day in your life."
Well, shoooooot...
sign me up for that.

P.S. Couldn't you just gnaw on that
chubby, almost 3-year-old hand?

P.P.S. Happy 33rd Birthday to my wonderful husband!
I still look at you like you're 17.
I love you.

24 February 2010

15 years of togetherness.

Jake's senior prom circa 1995

15 years ago today, I was giddy with excitement.
I was going on my first real bonafide date.
With Jake Grebe.
Mono y mono.
 He picked me up, held doors, bought tickets and snacks, the whole sh-bang.
We saw 'Billy Madison' at Kenrick Theatre (now closed).
Then, came back to my house (yes, my parents were home).
The rest is history.
I'm so glad we remember this special day in our history together.
And, it's crazy to think I've been with him almost half of my life.
How did such a crabby girl get so lucky?

23 February 2010


The week leading up to Rosie's 3rd birthday party is full of preparation.
The grocery list, the decorations, the last minute sewing, the cleaning, the cooking.
I still can't believe she's almost 3.
Or better yet, that Jake will turn 9 in May, Pete's 7, and Betsy's 5 and off to kindergarten in the fall.
Time is not my friend.
Where does it go?
The second you have a reason to slow it down, it whizzes by.
Murphey's Law, I suppose.
The problem...
as a mother, there are so many moments that it's hard to 'be here now'.
Laundry, appointments, errands, cleaning, nose & butt wiping.
You get swept away with the 'need tos/have tos'.
This time should be about he 'want tos'.
Life's unfair, but it is what it is.
Too fast.
I'm sad.

P.S. Erin H., I hope you're reading this today...I accidentally 'lost' your original email about Betsy's bed and cannot seem to retrieve it. So, here is the link to where I got the pallet bed idea and how it's made.  CLICK HERE.  Ashley used a foam mattress, but we used an actual twin mattress which required some triming of the pallets.  We got the pallets from 'Home Depot', as well as the hardware and casters.  We, also, put little rubber caps on all of the exposed screws for safety.  Fortunately, before I even saw this bed on Ashley's blog I had 2 old, awesome doors in my garage that I dug out of someone's trash.  But, you could try a salvage yard or buy a new door and antique it.  Good luck!!!

22 February 2010

Betsy's room: revisited.

Betsy's room is almost complete. 
 A floating shelf needs to be hung,
and some more letters need to be handpainted 
in spots where furniture used to be.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


There's no place like home.

On Saturday, I had the unique opportunity to go and see Pauly D of 'Jersey Shore' fame spin some tunes here located in Ameristar Casino & Hotel.  It was with a fabulous group of fellow hot mommas, including, Mrs.Lewis. 

I got to dress-up, complete with make-up that I rarely wear.  Have yummy mozzarella wedges, a cosmo, and dance for a couple of hours. 

But, alas, I am old.  I am a mother (yes, mom, a mother).  I like being at home.

I can't say I've even ever been to a place like this, even when I was young.  And, let's just say, some of the clientele was a bit rough around the edges.  Some girls near us tried to create some 'tension'.  I didn't think that stuff really happened in real life.  Who is that unhappy and miserable?  There was another group next to us that was a bit more my speed, and they, too, were getting annoyed.  We weren't alone. 

My better judgement kicked in and I told Mrs.Lewis I had to get out of there.  So, while the other part of our entourage waited to get a photo of Pauly D in the flesh, Mrs.Lewis and I went to the seafood restaurant closer to the hotel and had Diet Cokes and talked.  When that restaurant closed, we ventured into the casino itself and had more pop (which is free in the casino and fountainy and cold, score) and sat at the slots. 

We weren't playing, just talking and laughing some more, while we watched some man blow through $100, at least, on slots all while not even watching the screen.  I guess he just looked up when it buzzed and rang.  How sad.

The other ladies texted us and said they were ready, and off we went to meet up with 'Scooter Guy'.  A fabulous operation that picks you up and drives you and your car safely home when a designated driver is needed, and more importantly, took me right to my doorstep.  My friend, Kelly, has a membership.  Too bad I could've driven us to Chicago and back with all my Diet Coke.  Although, I would've had to make about 163 restroom stops.  Better to plan on the safe side. 

So, overall, I would say, I'm not cut out for such escapades.  Did you read that, Mom?  You know I know this, but it is okay to venture out into the world, guilt-free, once in a blue moon.  No one was hurt, I was up bright and early on Sunday while Big Jake worked on the steps (which is another story for another day). The 'Too-much-fun Police' aren't going to arrest me.  I'm sure of it.  In fact, something I've always known was reinforced like a nail in my heart that night...I like being home.  Love it, in fact.  It's the only place I fell I truly belong.  I could stay home for days on end without going anywhere.  Not even Target.  Seriously.

I am a wife and mother, first and foremost.  FOREVER.  And, I must be doing something right, because my love of home and family is evident in my children.  They love being here together, too.  Both boys have told me so on several different occassions.  It's warm, cozy, stable, secure, and full of love. 

So, to my own dear, sweet, mother (from whom I've gotten my self-rightous/opinionated gene from)...

There is nothing you can say to me that I haven't already thought.  Although I am more social than you are and have different interests, be confident that you have raised me right.  And that doesn't mean that I do everything exactly the way you would, but that I am a good and solid person.  And you are largely responsible.  I love you, and wished that you had gone on one or two adventures in your heyday. 

If I wasn't officially retired from nightclub life, I would've taken you. 

ps I've given up Facebook for Lent (maybe indefinitely), so if you need to contact me...call, email, or comment.  :)

21 February 2010

Twinkle, twinkle.

How did I miss this movie?
Pause the music in the sidebar and prepare to be enraptured.

19 February 2010


It's the weekend!

18 February 2010

My morning to mid-day in cell phone photos.

Ro and I had a lovely brunch date.
I have to give myself a pat on the back for choosing the garden vegetable pesto soup.
110 calories, thank you very much, AND delicious.
Bummer about that giant blondie I had to get for dessert.
Hit Hobby Lobby after Bread Co., then Target.
Let's hear it for Target's spring line for girls.
It's fabo.
I kinda like this cell phone camera business.

17 February 2010


image via 'jenjen's clippings' on curbly

image via 'Design Dazzle'

What do you think of fabric in embroidery hoops as wall decor?

Personally, I think it is pure genius.

I am a fabric harl*t.

{Yes, I just said that.}

So, for someone like me, this is a fantastic notion.

I have rethunk hanging tissue poms in the play area.

I'm going in the hoop-la direction instead.

And, for those of you wondering...

I have ceremoniously dubbed 'rethunk' an official word of the English language.

16 February 2010

check, check, and check.

Do you prepare for parties in more ways than ordering/baking the cake,
filling the favor bags,
and planning the games?

For this household,
it's a time to
cross things off the never-ending 'to do' list.

This party presented the challenges of all
the little things that weren't completed during the
basement redo and bedroom moves.

It's been crazy, but it will be so nice to be DONE come next Saturday.

1. get new vents for Ro's room and basement
2. run electric to Rosie's sconce
3.  cover rope & hardware on Betsy's swing in her room
4. paint lil' dresser for Betsy's room
5. put new hardware on Betsy's armoire
6. install mirror on Betsy's armoire
7. make/hang floating shelf in Bets's room
8. finish painting basement staircase walls
9. install new steps & risers on basement stair case*in progress*
10. paint & hang ballet mirror with barre for girls in basement
11. paint basement dining table base
12. get dining chairs from Target
13. finish basement baseboards
14. install frosted lucite in boys' bedroom door
15. touch up all woodwork
16. frame & hang this print and this print
17. make pretty fabric filled embroidery hoops to hang in play area in basement
18. hang 'cage' chandelier above basement dining table

Yeah, I think that's it.
It seems like a lot, but we are really hammering it out.
We are quite the team.

I think I have parties just to get stuff done.

15 February 2010

parenting: seinfeld style.

I read a lovely article in 'Parade' magazine this weekend by Harlan Coben.  It was all about Jerry Seinfeld, his life, and his family. 

It was refreshing to say the least.

Here are some highlights:

   " 'I love it (having kids).  I love having a family and kids, and all the madness.  There is no aspect of it I don't like.  Even when it's horrible, I love it.  I didn't realize how tired of single life I was and how ready for married life.' "

    "Although his own children obviously want for nothing, Seinfeld works hard not to be too indulgent.  He bemoans the way some people cater to their children's every whim.  Seinfeld has three rules of parenting, what he calls 'the poison Ps.' The first is Praise-'We tell our kids, 'Great Job!' too much', he says.  The second is Problem-solving-'We refuse to let our children have problems.  Problem-solving is the most important skill to develop for success in life, and we for some reason can't stand it if our kids have a situation that they need to 'fix'.  Let them struggle-it's a gift.'
    "Just as he's explaining the third P-'giving your child too much pleasure'- a woman comes in the deli with her three young daughters and buys them all huge cookies.  'Can you believe this?' Seinfeld says, gesturing like his TV counterpart used to.  'It's 5:30pm.-when will they have dinner?  At 8?'
    "So why does he think we treat our kids like that?  His eyes light up.  'Do you want to hear my latest theory?' he asks.  'It's a little far-fetched.'  He leans in and explains how children today aren't as innocent as they used to be.  'We feel so guilty for destroying that innocence-which is what we did-so we're now trying to repair that by creating perfect childhoods for our children.'  He laughs, but he's serious at the same time.  'The reason we overdo it so much is because we feel so bad about it.
   "Seinfeld also believes that it's best to teach children by example.  'Kids are not going to do what you tell them to do or think like you tell them to think,' he says. 'Kids are watching how you deal with the waiter or that handyman, and they are probably more likely to imitate you.'"

   "His dad's death at age 66, when Jerry was 30, was the first great loss of Seinfeld's life.  Did it crush him?  Surprisingly, after a brief pause, he says no.
    "'I tend to accept life as it is,' he says. 'I'm not one of those 'Life isn't faif' people.  I tend to accept whatever the limits are, whatever the rules are.'  He sits back.  His love for his father is evident, but no more evident of the basic fact that the man is no longer around..."

For me, it is so nice to know that someone like silly Jerry Seinfeld has a very realistic outlook on parenting and life. 

I mean, I know of people who can't even keep their checkbook straight, or figure out that purchasing groceries is more important than getting their hair done.  And these are individuals from my generation.  Over indulging is such a tragedy.  It makes for adults who can't seem to function in the real world, and worse yet, aren't equipped to parent their own children.  If you're taught to be entitiled to everything as a child, one of two things seems to happen...you still feel entitled when you're grown putting yourself before everyone else, including your own children, or you pass the same mentality to your children reapeating the cycle all over again.  I've witnessed it, and it is truly sad. 

That being said, I'm not a perfect person or parent.  I do have a pretty good self-awareness.  I know when I'm lacking and in what areas, and I try to better myself.  Typically, I don't need to be told these things by my husband, or mother, or father, or sister, or my kids.  And, for that self-awareness, I thank my parents, who let us solve our own problems, who didn't over-indulge us, who SHOWED us they loved us with acitons not things, who taught us you deserve nothing without hardwork and determination, and even then nothing is gauranteed, who always led from an example and not just words, and instilled their morals and values into us by their examples. 

Thank you!  I hope to be half the parents you are.  I think I'll be successful, even then.

Happy, healthy, contributing members to society...that's all I can hope for.

12 February 2010

link love.

My camera is out of batteries.
I am off to get some today for Valentine festivities.
But, for now...
How about some of my current favs on the internest complete with links?

My favorite children's room designer of the momemt: Nicole of Little Liberty Interior Design

 My dream weekend getaway with the man (located in the Smoky Mountains): Blackberry Farm

my two favorite wedding gowns from Kleinfeld
left & middle: Claire Pettibone

 I have lots of old windows and want to do this going down the basement stairs:

Loving the top 100 list of names from Jolly Ole England via Nameberry

Even if you do not know someone with special needs,
it doesn't get much more inspirational than this:

Great, fun, easy craft from Style Me Pretty
PDF instructions here