25 February 2010

Pink tutu Spongebob party realized: Take 1

Why, oh why, can't I get paid to do this stuff?
Because, it makes me giddy.
For reelz.
And, a wise man once said,
"If you love what you do,
you'll never work a day in your life."
Well, shoooooot...
sign me up for that.

P.S. Couldn't you just gnaw on that
chubby, almost 3-year-old hand?

P.P.S. Happy 33rd Birthday to my wonderful husband!
I still look at you like you're 17.
I love you.


  1. I will gladly pay you to plan parties for me.
    In doll hairs.
    In this economy you can never underestimate the worth of doll hairs. Just saying.

  2. Hi Beth!
    Let's talk cake delivery when you get a chance. Email me! verkampa@aol.com

  3. Everything is absolutely beautiful! Who knew sponge bob could be so feminine?!?

    One of my friends is a wedding planner/party planner/slumber party planner/invitation designer/cupcake and cake baker extraordinaire. She's established quite a reputation and does pretty well for herself. I don't think she every has to "work."

    I think you should really do it! You definitely have the goods to back it up! Don't let your dreams stay dreams....

  4. Visiting from the link on Birthday Girl's blog.

    What a unique and adorable party! I love all the details. It's as if Spongebob was always meant to wear a tutu!

  5. Our party was fantastic! My little girl turned three and Spongebob too. The banner is still up as she loves looking at it to remind her of her party! Spongebob Party Supplies

  6. i have participated in many parties, they are good memories for me


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