26 February 2011

21 February 2011

Miracles and tiny set backs.

First off, let me say congrats to my cousin Melissa and her husband Josh on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Nellie Rose.  She is pink and perfect, and much anticipated by many, many people.  I, for one, am completely smitten.  {I have photos to share from the shower, belly, and baby.}

Next up, I just want to say it's been a tough few days.  The kids all got over strep a couple of weeks ago, and Saturday night the pukes started.  Even the Big Guy.  Now, I feel completely nauseous.  Great.

I am definitely a fall and winter kind of girl, but this is insane.  We couldn't even enjoy the unseasonably warm temps because of the sickies.  That park across the street seems to be laughing at us at this point.

Hopefully, I'll be back in action soon!

17 February 2011

Free is good.

I like free stuff.  Free paint is really super.

The other day my friend, Crystal, posted on Facebook about Valspar Paint's super deal.

All you have to do is 'like' Valspar Paint on FB, and you can join their Power in Color Giveaway.

It's that simple.

You choose what 8 oz. jar of color you want, and it's sent right to you door {super fast} for FREE.  Fed-Ex style.

Here's the cool part...

I was expecting just the jar.  What you really get is the jar, two mini paint trays, two mini rollers, AND a $5 off coupon towards a future Lowe's purchase.

The jar is bigger than I expected, too.  It covered a little dresser I'm putting in our entry TWICE.  Sweet.

Did I mention this is all FREE?

Free is good.  Free is fun.

And, no, this is not a sponsored post.  And, no, I was not paid to post this or was I given anything.

I just think it's plain cool.

15 February 2011

This just in...

We are going here:

for one night only.
To see them:
Just to clarify,
that's 'Mumford & Sons'.

Thank You.

14 February 2011

for the love...

I know it's an overly commercialized holiday, but I think it's sweet.
Not so much the candlelight, fine wine, & roses angle
{unnecessary pressure on a relationship},
but for the crafts, the colors, the sweet little things you can do for the loves in your life.
You should let them know everyday how you feel,
but on this day you can do a little something extra.
A note, a cut-out heart, a homemade cookie, a bear hug.
It's even more fun when you do something anonymous.
I hope you enjoy this day as much as we do.
I mean who needs roses when you have your very own ROSIE?

She happily obliged me on a lunch date to Panera,
or as we say in the Lou, St.Louis Bread Co.
{After all, it originated right here.}

Happy Valentines Day!

11 February 2011

The lair of love.

Finally, I'm seeing the rest of the house come together.  It will take at least a year or two for it to be realized fully, and even then, I feel our home {no matter where it is} is always evolving.  When you collect junk like I do things are always moving around, getting a new coat of paint, or being sold on Craigslist.  These rooms are my playground.

Even though our bedroom isn't finished {some stuff isn't hung, the dresser door and one nightstand still need another coat of paint}, I thought I'd share with you a few photos.

The cielings in every room are painted the palest of blues, but every last wall is bright white.  I like the idea of plain white walls as a backdrop for bright accessories and art.  Red will be the unifying color throughout the house.  Let's see if I can pull it off...

I also had trouble justifying buying new curtain rods for the living room, family room, and master bedroom {which wouldn't have been cheap}.  Lucky for us, the house came with big, gaudy, distressed, fake brass rods on the monster windows.  Nothing some quick coats of spray paint couldn't fix.  Here, I sprayed the rod a glossy gray topped off with clearance Target curtains from the kids' bedroom section no less.  You can't tell from
the photos, but they're a funky open weave crochet.  Love.

The quilt is from Target.  It's Dwell Studios, and I think I paid $19.98 for it.  I hit the mother load clearance at Target right before we closed on this house.  Which
reminds me that I bought a really great cover for the body pillow on the bed that I cannot find in any of our boxes.  It was white with bikes all over it in red, blues, and yellow. I really want to find it.  I think it will add some punch to the bed.  Plus, it's a really fun and unexpected print.  That, and I'm going nuts that it is no where to be
found.  The mirror and tweed drum shade turned pendant light were Home Goods clearance.  The dresser is from Target.  Pretty much everything else we had, and I just painted it.

The 'me & you' print was made by Monika of "I love it all" in custom colors that I chose.  Remember THIS post? It turned out great.  The frame/mat came from Target's famous end cap clearance.  Did I ever tell you I live at Target?  I even bought the L'Oreal lipstick "Target Red" that was made just for the ole bull's eye.

Okay, enough rambling. If this post is all wonky, I apologize. I had to finish it from my phone. Let's just say we're having some computer issues.

Have a good weekend!

10 February 2011

The aftermath.

Homemade cards...
I like the flower on my shirt.  I don't recall owning a shirt like that. Maybe I should get one.

if you like meringue, this is the cake for you. Delicious.

Lego sculptures just for me...
I like the hole through 'Big Jake's' lego body.

my favorite mail delivered on my special day...
what are the chances?

What could be better?
Oh, yeah...take-out for dinner.
A super sexy man that folded ALL of the laundry.
It was a super day.

I am trying to get together at least one room
{besides the kitchen},
and photograph it to show you all some of the snail's progress around here.
Maybe today is the day.
I have 2 sicklets home with me.
When will this sick cloud hovering over our house LEAVE already?
These poor kids.
It's ridunkulous.

One more thing...
my cousin Mel's husband, J, baked me this special cake,
and shared it with me virtually on Facebook.
{Mel is on bedrest, and they couldn't deliver it for reals.}
This cake makes me very happy.
I smile just thinking about it.
For those that know me,
you know why.
And, for the record, I'm not 40.  
I'm 33.
Josh, you are so funny.

09 February 2011

I WILL have my cake...

and eat it, too.

The best part of a birthday if it's your own,
is picking what kind of cake you want.
I made THIS cake.
I canNOT wait to eat 3.980 pieces in one sitting.
At the very least.
I hope it tastes as scrumptious, and fluffy as it looks.
Whisper pink meringue frosting is the stuff dreams are made of.
Add some rainbow sprinkles, and it's a bit of heaven here on earth.

Hope you have a magical day, complete with cake!

05 February 2011


My 33rd birthday is approaching.  February 9th to be exact.

The best day of my mom & dad's whole life, I'm sure.  Well, maybe a tie for the best day, what with me having a sister and all.

Jake and I don't really make a big fuss over our birthdays.  Homemade cards from the kids, and a cake.  That's about it.  Somehow, it doesn't mean quite the same thing as it did when we were littles ourselves.

I thought it would be fun to put together a luxurious wish list.  The kind of list that includes items that even if I was a bazillionaire, I'm not sure I would afford myself.

Let's begin:


The elusive Hermes Cape Cod PM watch with double strap

Cutler & Gross sunglasses #0740
classic aviators

Belstaff vintage knight boot
These. Are. Incredible.

Tod's D Bag Bauletto
A classic bag that would NEVER go out of style.

image via flickr
a second home in London's Kensington & Chelsea or Camden
or any place with easy access to music, pubs, the tube, markets, etc.
approximately $500,000

I mean this is a fantasy list.  And, I would totally wear all of that stuff when I'm visiting my fancy new flat in London, right?  


04 February 2011

Simplicity with stainless.

Betsy is under the weather.  Again.

So, I thought I'd share a quick tidbit.

The best stainless steel cleaner, EVER, is distilled vinegar.  

Dump some in a spray bottle, dilute with a little water, and voila!

No polishing, no having to use 5 different cloths.  

Just spray and wipe off.


03 February 2011

100th day.

It was Betsy's 100th day of school today. I'm not sure it really was with all the snow days, but who cares, right?

She got to wear the Grebe '100th day' sweatshirt lil' Jake and I made 5 years ago for his 100th day celebration.  Then, Pete wore it in 2009.  Now, it's Betsy's turn.

I love the fact that they have all worn it.  I love the fact that some of the paint is pealing off.  I love the fact that I have had to reglue eyes back on it for the last 2 wearings. I love the fact that in two more years, it's Rosie's turn.  I just love all of it.

She is going to have a great day!

Now, if only I could figure out what to do with that hair.

01 February 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby.

photo by Stephan Savoia

"There is something joyful about storms that interrupt

 routine. Snow or freezing rain suddenly releases you from

 expectations, performance demands, and the tyranny of

 appointments and schedules. ...All those affected this way are

 united by a mutual excuse, and the heart is suddenly and 

unexpectedly a little giddy."

 -Wm. Paul Young, "The Shack"

All right, stop.
Collaborate and listen...
The ice has come to the Lou.  

In fact, the ice is still falling.  As I type.  

Now, we wait for the 10 inches of snow.  

The fridge is stocked. The electronic devices charged.  

If we lose power, my sanity will go along with it.  

But, for now, we are having fun.  Watching movies, playing 'Angry Birds', pushing strollers around the house, napping here and there, and, generally, enjoying this unexpected staycation.  

Ask me in 3 days how I'm doing.  I may have a different response.  

Be safe if you're out in this madness!