03 February 2011

100th day.

It was Betsy's 100th day of school today. I'm not sure it really was with all the snow days, but who cares, right?

She got to wear the Grebe '100th day' sweatshirt lil' Jake and I made 5 years ago for his 100th day celebration.  Then, Pete wore it in 2009.  Now, it's Betsy's turn.

I love the fact that they have all worn it.  I love the fact that some of the paint is pealing off.  I love the fact that I have had to reglue eyes back on it for the last 2 wearings. I love the fact that in two more years, it's Rosie's turn.  I just love all of it.

She is going to have a great day!

Now, if only I could figure out what to do with that hair.


  1. Cute! I love the eyeballs! What a fun idea! I wish I'd done something generic when we did Jimmy's all those years ago... It has 100 buttons on it, but the back has JIM out of buttons... They are hot glued on, I guess I could pop them off and change the name each time? lol

  2. Great idea!! You are so UBBERRRRRRR Creative!!!

  3. Super cute! I Love the shirt and may "borrow" your eye-dea. :P Yeah that was cheesy!

    I also adore how all of your kids wil all wear it. What a fun shirt to pass along and cherish.

    I found your blog by actually searching for 100th day shirts. You have an adorable family and your blog is so funny. You are one amazing mom!

  4. OMG I love the idea of all the kids wearing the same shirt! Too cute!

  5. Just wanted to say a big "Thank you" for this wonderful idea......my little girl literally squealed with delight when she saw this shirt! It was only the second thing we looked at on what to make for her 100th day celebration. Kudos for your creativity.



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