22 July 2011

Where we live.

These are the rooms we LIVE in.  Really live in.  The kitchen and family room.  The hub of the home.  
I know I've shared a bit of each, but now, they are just about complete save some baseboards and trim pieces in the kitchen.

These rooms make me happy every morning when I go in to make my first cup of coffee {of many}.

I hope you enjoy them, too.  As we all now, I love a good peek inside someone's home.  ;)

Let us not forget {EVER forget} what it started as...

 Have a super {if not hot} weekend!

21 July 2011


If I was blogging only for my close friends and family, I'd have a million stupid, what-can-seem-mundane stories to tell and photos to show.  I choose not to bore too many of you, and for that, I haven't posted any good meat, lately.  I apologize.

I've been too busy with it being summer to even think of note worthy things to write about.  Sometimes, I like being too busy doing nothing.  You know what I mean?

I am happy to report some good things have been happening in Betsy's life, and we will be getting her a 'big kid' stroller very soon.  This is something we've wanted for ages, but they are VERY pricey.

I am over-the-moon excited.  We are going on a trip to Chi-town over Labor Day Weekend, and I think it will be invaluable to everyone's experience.  She gets tired fast.

So, in a nutshell...we've been sick-busy doing nothing, but the pool, golf, baseball, summer school for Bets, and being hot.  Oh, and eating a ton of sno-cones {thank goodness they finally got some more pomegranate flavor...I was almost ready  to go postal}.

I do have a post coming up about a touchy subject for myself...the current state in some countries of how they manage/deal/view children with special needs, and the difficulty associated in adopting them.  Sad stuff.  Get your tissues ready...

19 July 2011

I {heart} faces - props

I decided to try my hand at the 'I Heart Faces' photo challenge this week.  The theme is props, and for this particular theme you do not need a visible face in the photo, just a body.  This is probably my favorite photo I've taken to date, and I thought the wagon made it very 'proppy'.

06 July 2011


I don't have a whole lot of time today, so, I though I'd share a few from my Instagram arsenal with you.

On Sunday, we got kicked out of the pool due to thunder.  The skies got craaaaaazy shortly after.  I took this in our driveway, and then took shelter.  It was spooky.

Rosie lost the ribbon to her tap shoes.  I, of course, wasn't told until 2 minutes before she walked into the studio.  This is called mom improvisation.  I found a party favor bag in my purse and made it work.  It's not the prettiest thing, but it got the job done.

Pete got this amazing hat from my pal, Tara of My Crochet Obsession.  He pretends he's in The Avett Brothers when he wears it.  Is it sick to be proud of that?  Because...well, I am.

This photo sums up my two boys' dispositions beautifully.  My oldest, Jake, is sitting patiently waiting for his slushie and burger at Bob's Drive-In.  Pete, on the other hand, is laying on the patio in the background writhing around.  Good gravy!

Our little Willie.  She likes me.  A lot.  Too much.  Rosie likes her.  A lot.  Too much.  Because as Rosie carries her around everywhere, pushes her in a stroller, and is so close to putting doll clothes on her, Willow seems to grow more attached to me.  Funny how that works.  Rosie traumatizes the puppy, the puppy falls more in love with her 'momma'.  Again, good gravy!

Have you heard of these?  Apparently, I'm behind the times.  They. Are. Amazing.  Go get yourself some.  Now.  Here.

Betsy came upstairs yesterday in this.  She put it on all by herself.  It's my shirt, but on her it looked like a muumuu/caftan thing. Instantly, I thought of Mrs.Roper from Three's Company.  If only her crazy hair was red, and she had some plastic jewelry on...she'd be a dead ringer.  I'm smelling an epic Halloween costume. What are the chances of finding Pete a leisure suit?  Can you say, Stanley?

If you're on Instagram, I'd love to have some new followers {oddgirloutblog}.  If you're not on Instagram, what are you waiting for?  You need another time suck, right?