30 November 2009


Happy Birtday, Old Man Pops!
I love you!


23 November 2009

Time for a break.

I am going to be taking a break from blogging for the next week.  Between seeing family from out of town that we hardly ever get to see (yea!), baking pies and treats for Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping, I really need to keep my mind and heart elsewhere.  Afterall, this is one of those special times of year that is really about stopping, slowing down, being in the moment with family & friends, and taking in all of the blessings that have been graciously bestowed onto all of us, and rejoicing in gratefulness.  And, if you don't think those blessings are there, you're not looking hard enough.  I, sincerely, hope you and yours have a beautiful and full Thanksgiving holiday.  Cheers!

19 November 2009

The finals...BABY!

Okay, we're in!
If you have a soul, please vote for Rosie's room.
I know we can do this. 
Let's show the rest of the rooms what's up!
*And remember...we only have 24 hours
to make this happen.


And, if any of my readers who have blogs want to plug the room in a very
shameless manner...it, really, really wouldn't hurt my feelings!

The finals...(I think)

If I've been counting correctly...Rosie's room will be in the final round of ohdeedoh.com's 'small kids, big color' contest.  I'll keep you updated...

18 November 2009


Because I REALLY love these photos (flash and all)
that were taken at my cousin's wedding this past weekend. 
Betsy's expression in the first one makes me laugh out loud &
the second photo is hilarious with a capital H.
They look like they've never seen an adult woman
do the robot before.
And because I got nothin' today.
Congrats, Ben & Claire!
We had a great time!



17 November 2009

right down santa claus lane...



I decided to spruce up the basement for Christmas, too. 
Normally, I have a strictly enforced 'no Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving' rule.
 But, this year I'm really in the spirit.
The kids spend so much time downstairs, now that we've redone it.
That, and, Christmas stuff makes me happy. 
Basically, I used stuff I already had (decor & fabric scraps).
Then, I bought a few spools of ribbon and a box of mini-ornaments.
So...$5.51 later, and I can happily report it all came together. 

16 November 2009

scarves & camping.

First off, thank you
Anna Marie Horner for helping to make my scarf for the scarf-a-long, here and here, the purdiest it can be.  Your fabrics are scrumptious.  Even though you don't know me from a tree, it is your creative genius that will make my scarf the envy of all the other scarves in my closet.  I can't wait to get started!

Secondly, I wanted to share some photos of our camping trip in October.  It was fun for all, and the trees were gorgeous.
  I didn't realize how much I've missed camping.  It is definitely back on our list of family favs, now that Rosie and Betsy are a bit older.

13 November 2009

Bloggy friends are radical.

Crystal over at 'Little Bit Funky' is offering another incentive to vote for Ro's room in 'Ohdeedoh's Small Kids, Big Color' contest.  She will give you an EXTRA entry in her giveaway, here, if you go here and follow her instuctions.  Neat.  Cool.  Really, REALLY nice of her. 

Oh, and check out Miss Crystal's etsy shop, here.
It is chock full of handmade delights that would make
perfect Christmas gifts.
My lil' block nativity set was crafted by her talented hands,
as well as, one of my favorite summer skirts.

Also, the mommy blogging communtiy is coming together to help ensure that mommy's everywhere have clean water for their children.  Such a simple thing.  Water.  For $10, (yes, you heard right)  a child in Africa can have clean drinking water for 10 years. 
Again, you heard right...10 years.  Such a small price to pay for such a gift.  100% goes directly to finding clean water solutions in West Africa.  100%.  Now, doesn't that make 100% sense? 
So, don't just sit there...go here, and learn more & donate!
Go now, and help prevent 4500 infant and child deaths due to unsanitary water conditions.  Did I mention it only takes $10 for 10 years of CLEAN drinking water for a kiddo?  $10?!?!  What is that last thing you spent $10 on?  Probably something kinda dumb...

But, I'm just sayin'.


As of Saturday morning @ 8:35am CST, Rosie's room currently had 101 votes.  I am overwhelmed to say the least.  Thank you everyone.  If you or someone you know hasn't voted, please do so today, right here.  I believe you have until 4:30pm PST, and then 'thumbs up' voting closes for her particular room.  Thank you again. everyone.  Keep your fingers crossed Ro's yellow room makes it to the semi-finals.  You guys are so awesome!

A hot mess (with a booger).




12 November 2009

HELP ME, please!

Okay, all of my faithful & loyal readers out there...

Rosie's room was posted as an entry in 'ohdeedoh's small kids, big color' contest. 

This is where you all show me what you're made of, and skip on over there and vote. 

If you are not already registered with ohdeedoh, it only takes a few, short, painless seconds. 

You guys will rock my world even more than you already do if you head over there and vote.  NOW!

Click HERE and just do it already!  You only have 48 hours!  Go!  Go!  Go!

P.S. I love you.  I really, really do.

My Christmas list.

Before you go all nuts on me for making a Christmas list, let me tell you here and now, that I haven't made a bonafide Christmas list since I was probably 13.  Maybe younger.  Jake and I don't even really exchange gifts.  As for my folks, they give us the same thing every year.  A very generous, very much apprecitaed family check.  Jake's folks usually give us a very thougthful 'family' gift that is equally appreciated.  So, you see, there really isn't a need for a list.  Nor do I ever want enough stuff to warrant one.  I mean, not REALLY want it, anyway.  Not enough to procure a list.  But, if I was asked to make a list, this would be what was on it.  Now, I know for a fact that I will never get everything on this list.  Some things are just too far out of reach for any one person, but a Christmas list should be full of unattainable things.  Right?  That being said, I think anything is fair game on a Christmas list.
Hope you enjoy, because I sure enjoyed thinkin' it up. 

#1 World Peace

#2 Kitchen-aid stand mixer in Marth Stewart blue

#3 Clean water for every world citizen

#4 Pentax SMC P-FA 50mm f1.4 lens (P.S. Reviews say the comparable Nikon and Canon lenses look 'dated' in comparison, but i'm just sayin'.)

#5 Cuisinart ice-cream maker
(It also does gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and sherbet in, like, 30 min.)

#6 True happiness for all

#7 stove-top grill (for the cold months)

#8 Tom's Navy canvas shoes (Don't forget; for every pair you buy, a pair gets donated to someone in desperate need of shoes.  Sweet.)

cropped form "The Light of the World" by William Hollman Hunt circa 1853-54
Incidentally, I saw the life-size version in real life which hangs
is St.Paul's Cathedral in London, and let me tell you, it's a world rocker, that painting.

#9 Jesus in everyone's heart (Pretty simple, right?  Afterall, He's why we get to make these lists in the first place.)

11 November 2009


Thank you, Dad! 
You're our superstar!

10 November 2009

feeling fowl.

With the big Veterans' Day celebration at the boys' school tomorrow (with my Pops in attendance), and a family wedding on Saturday (that we cannot wait for), I will be taking a bit of a break (or doing short, photo-only kind of posts) because I am feeling like pooh.  Hopefully, after tomorrow morning, I won't have to leave the house until Saturday.  If I can stock up at the grocery store appropriately, this may be feasible.  We'll see.  2 1/2 whole days shut up in the house with no where I HAVE to go, wouldn't that be nice?  Well, I think it would be.  Hope the bug is staying away from everyone else, and you and your families are staying healthy.