18 January 2012

iPhonography: my 2 cents.

an ironically untouched iPhone photo

So, I'm sure there are a crap ton of people out there that are bored to death of overfiltered and overedited iPhone photos. 

I. Am. Not. One. Of. Them. 

Boy, I tell ya...as much as I love my big bangarang camera, my camera phone has saved my life in many a situation.  Literally, and figuratively.

This one time, my car died {yes, my husband is a mechanic...go figure} in a not-so-great area of town, and if I didn't have my phone, I probably would have been raped and pillaged.  Or, some nice passerby would have stopped to help. But, whatever...for the sake of drama, let's go with the former theory. M'kay?

Anywho, that derned camera phone is too accessible and functional for day to day life photography to be ignored. 

Don't get me started on all those bomb diggity apps to edit, filter, embellish, and bling out your pics.

In the strong case for iPhonography, I am a more is more kind of girl.  You can't add too much masking tape, or faux bokeh, or tilt shift.  I get crazy-giddy just thinking about it.

Seriously, my pulse is quickening as we speak. 

totally edited

So, for those of you that are on board...I will give you the long-short list of my favorite photo apps {in no particular order}:
  1. Instagram...duh. 
  2. Hipstamatic
  3. Snapseed
  4. Phonto
  5. Labelbox
  6. Big Lens
  7. Diptic
  8. PicFrame
  9. maskingtape
  10. Montage
  11. LensLight
  12. Camera+/Camera+ Pro
  13. Smilebox
  14. Dramatic B&W
  15. Filterstorm
Good luck with your own iPhonography adventures! 

12 January 2012


I love this free clip art from Martha Stewart.  It is colorful, fun, and could be used for so, so, so much!

We are super addicted to clementines.  Are you?

It will be a sad day when the season is over.  Sad, indeed.

Betsy stands at the refrigerator and sniffs the fruit drawer until I get the hint.  It's redunkulous.

This certainly isn't the best photo, but that is the current progress of our master bathroom redo. 

Lots more to do, but I think it's pretty rad so far.

And, finally...

we are going on vacation to Destin!

We have never been anywhere with our whole family except Chicago and Trout Lodge {one hour from our house}, so this is super exciting.  I cannot wait for my kids to see the ocean.

If you have any tips on where to stay that has 2-seconds-to-get-there beach access, full kitchen, and a condo pool, or tips for traveling hours on end with littles in the car...please share.  We are very new to this. 

10 January 2012


Well, the holidays are over, and I feel I can breathe now that order has been loosely restored to the House of Grebe.  I had a post all worked out for today, but I have plum run out of time, and need to scoot off to pick up Rosie from school.

So, I thought I'd show you some of our 2011 family photos taken by my friend, Brenda.  She never disappoints. 

Also, I will have a giveaway coming up shortly, and lots of news, and funny little stories, as well as, our master bath reno to share.  I'm back, baby. 

Is it me? Or are those some of the cutest little humans you've ever seen?

Why, yes...yes, they are.

Peace out ladies and gents, and buckle up.  It's going to be a bumpy ride

Oh, and one more thing...you can find me on Pinterest and Instagram under Oddgirloutblog.  Fun, fun!