09 April 2012

Mad Music Monday...

So, I used to do 'Hump Day Ear Candy' on Wednesday, but because things seem to be new around here, AND because my corpus callosum hurts on Mondays...I thought I would move Wednesday's post to Monday leaving Wednesday open for things I would normally post on Monday.  {Is anyone else thinking about the teacher in 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'?}

So, after thinking long and hard about what band to post today, I have decided to share 'The Velvet Underground'.

Certainly, this band isn't new to most people...quite the opposite actually, but I love them so. 

For me...it's Sunday Funday music.  True rock-n-roll written and performed by real rock-n-roll musicians.  {And, yes...the kind of band that was all sex, drugs, & the music, managed by Andy Warhol for goodness sake. It was the 60s-70s, people...c'mon.}

So, sit on your patio with a cold beverage with the sun setting low, and enjoy this music for what it is. 


Stay tuned this week for nonsense, scandal, travel plans, and plenty of shout outs!

PS I'm not entirely sure what a corpus callosum is or does, but I know it's in your brain, and I know that my brain hurts on Mondays.  Plus, it sounds super official.

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