02 April 2012

Lifted up.

I have convinced myself, as of late, that no one really reads this, and thus have silently slunk away. 

If you couldn't tell. 

But, lately, I've been inspired to keep up with my old friend, the blog.

Mostly because of a group of lovely people on Instagram. 

I have found a niche of lovely people that have become more than just a community of like minded 'techie-nerds', but more like an interweb family.

Oh, if only we could all fly to the same place and spend a day in the sun together...

Now wouldn't that be lovely?

Life has been more than distracting lately.  I am having a hard time keeping up with 'older' kids and all of their sports and school commitments.  Which is ironic considering we limit activities, sports, and clubs to one thing a season/semester.  We have approached a time when seasons overlap for several weeks, and games and practices have become to numerous to talk about.

Is it wrong that I would be perfectly content if they wanted to stay home and read books?  Ha!

Which is strange since I was VERY active in my adolescence both athletically and academically, and Big Daddy played numerous sports and continued with football in college.  I like to refer to my mom style as vintage parenting rather than lazy parenting.  That's seems fair.  The whole 'keep it simple, stupid' phrase is constantly resonating in my head every time I'm approached with a new sign up sheet. 

Alas, it makes them happy to play, and participate, and learn.  They get fantastic grades, and are good kids.  I don't get to decide everything for them, even though I wished I could. 

Life is fast, and I can only slow down so much.  We must be doing something right if I hear them say CONSTANTLY that their friends get video games whenever they want, have cell phones, TVs in their rooms, etc.  The pace here is slower than outside of these walls, but certainly not as slow as when we were kids. 

Which all I can say, although not eloquently, is that is dumb. 

What's the rush?  Time robs us of so much already, why do we push it along? 

So, after all that rambling...I can safely say {disregard all the times I've said it before}, that I'm back. 

And this time, something feels different when I say it. 



  1. well of course you know i read your sweet blog. i love what you have to say and i love you :) also i don't think it's weird at all that you slow them down... i'm right there with you. i get so overwhelmed with after school activities! one of the reasons i do a part time home school program... i love our down days! glad you're back :)

  2. Well. Can I just say, as the oldest of five, who's parents have had the same rules and limits on me and my siblings, that you're doing a fantastic job. I never got sleepovers. I was never allowed video games. I could only do one activity a season - and that still is true. I didn't get my cell phone till this past Christmas ('11 - I'm 16) annnnnnnnd, this far, I've turned out okay. Your kiddos will benefit from your limits, and hopefully be thankful for them someday. I tell my parents all the time how glad I am that I was never pushed but never allowed us to just do what I wanted, either. I had to make the choice of what I really wanted to participate in, and that became music. My brother (he's almost 14) decided on volunteering in the local civil air patrol cadet program, learning about planes and military procedures and such. We were forced to choose the thing that we were most passionate about. So don't worry about holding them back. It's good for us kids to have to make a decision or two while at home. I'm so glad you're officially "back". I've been following you on IG for a while now and just love seeing pictures of your sweet life. I am so happy I get to read more about it here now :) Have a fantastic day, lovely friend! :)

  3. Yay! Like I said on IG, I stalked your blog and just chalked it up to Lent! ;-) You're right in keeping life "simple" and limiting sports/activities...life alone gets hectic even without all the outside stuff! But, I agree, they need sports and classes and play dates and hobbies ~ always seeking that ever elusive balance! ;-) BTW, the pallet furniture is super duper dope! LOVE it! Go, Big Daddy!

  4. Happy to hear it. Looking forward to more posts.

  5. Yay ! I love your blog ... And seeing you on instagram ! You are awesome !

  6. Glad you are back you have been missed.

  7. Happy you are back. I slowed down the pace on the blog. After all I write and post for my family and a very small circle of friends. During the week is Instagram. Faster and easier. I miss you. Maybe this spring we can catch up in Saint Louis. We will be there toward the end of May.

  8. I've just discovered your blog and am loving it! It feels so relatable, and is a great read! Thank you.

  9. i do read your blog. in fact, it's the only blog i follow in a reader. i love your writing, and i have a profoundly disabled sister, who i am very close to--and always was, as we are only 3 years apart. i also love your decorating style--and can relate to it--more than any other blogger i read. that's why i follow your posts, even if they are infrequent, or if i read them late. i have 4 children of my own, and i'm busy too, but when i get a chance, i often think, "I wonder what Betsy's mom is up to." (I hope you don't mind that you're Betsy's mom to me.) also, i really want to write a comment about some of your more recent spiritual posts, which i've enjoyed reading. i just need a little time to do that. ~Ruth


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