09 November 2011

Some news.

Next week {Thursday to be exact}, our homestead will be featured over at 'Life Made Lovely'

I am always most flattered when someone I admire seems to find something redeeming about my simple little life. 

In this particular case, Heather {who has amazing style, a penchant for finding joy in the small things, and is one of the most adorable people I've ever seen}, made my day when she asked if I would let you all take a peek inside our home. 

My {emphatic} answer was, YES! 

So, during the time you have to peruse the internets before November 17th, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Heather's blog, design shop {she designed my own blog's header}. and find out more about her 'Joyful Life Library Project'

And check out the other incredible homes already featured in the 'Home Made Lovely' series.


  1. Hi Betsy! Thanks so much for sharing this link! Love the stools in your kitchen. :) And, it seems we have the same dishwasher and range. Great minds think alike I guess. And, congrats on the feature!


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