25 April 2012

'SCM' makes everything better.

It has been one hot mutha in the Lou already.  Around here with the heat comes sno-cones {aka snow balls, snowcones, snow cones, etc}.

Last year we bought an ice shaver.  It makes the ice fine enough to make our own version.  We have since collected lots of syrups {mostly from Target}, and sometimes do toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries, etc. 

We are all kind of obsessed with the 'cream tops' that most of the New Orleans style sno-cone stands offer around here.  I was thinking it wasn't attainable at home, and mostly had just decided it was something we could only get at our favorite local stand.

with a little research and testing, we can now add it to our own 'options' list when we make them ourselves.

Enter the lead player: Sweetened Condensed Milk {SCM}

From what I understand, this is mainly a southern thing.  But, rest assured...once you give it a try, it will become a 'wherever-you-live' thing.

You can spoon it on top straight out of the can if you like, but we like it best mixed with a little milk.  I would guess I put about 2 TBSP. of milk to one can of SCM.

I just whisk it up...

and VOILA! 

After you make your sno-cone to your liking, you just spoon the SCM mixture on top.  That's it!  To make it extra fun, you can serve it in fun cups or paper cones with even cuter spoons or straws.

This time I did even more experimenting and tried a 'Viatnamese Coffee' sno-cone.  All I did was take Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee concentrate, pour it over the shaved ice, and added the cream top. 

So, so good!

I think next time, I may try just freezing some strong coffee in an ice cube tray, and actually shaving that, but it was still really good.  Definitely worth giving it a try.


spoons: Sucre Shop
cups: {new old stock} Paper Treats
cones: Target

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