01 March 2011

What's been going on...

Between everyone being sick, and basketball, not much has been going on.  Rosie's birthday party is this weekend, and I'm trying to throw a few things together in the house, so it doesn't look like we moved in yesterday.  Because let's face it, we've been here 5 months and there are still boxes in every room.  Blech!

Notice the mirror isn't hung, or the coat hooks I bought a month ago.

Notice the half finished silver-leafing on the armoire, and the pile of junk on top of it, AND
the magazine/file basket is not hung but laying on the table, AND where we tore the wall down
still needs to be mudded and taped.  Sigh.

Note that there is only one bulb in the chandelier, and the bulletin boards I have are not hung yet, 
AND my silhouette project isn't completed either.

You may notice 2 red chandeliers...I doubt you remember what they looked like before, or how much I got them for. So, I will remind you.  The little one above the desk was $.75, and the big 12-arm monster was $20.  I think they turned out pretty nice.  The big one reminds me of the circus.  Which reminds me of cotton candy, elephants, Ferris wheels, funnel cakes. Happy.

We also had a birthday.  Big Poppa turned 34 on Friday.  The kids had to have this carousel set from the cake decorating store.  It was actually pretty cute.  And, you can never go wrong with THIS frosting.

I've read that good photos are a main component to a successful blog.  Good thing I'm not a professional blogger, huh?  I'm having a hard time picking up my camera for stuff like the house, basketball games, etc.  My phone is just too easy.  I'm dealing with a lot of changes in regards to Betsy's education and what it will mean for her next year when those changes are implemented.  My mind is full and my heart is heavy.  For now, IPhone photos will have to do.  Crappy ones at that.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day.


  1. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, too. I think your home looks absolutely lovely! (You would probably FREAK OUT if you ever saw the clutter-store in which LeeZ, Cole and I live.) Betsy - and Jake, Pete and Rosie - will all excel in whatever they choose to do, because they have two (2) loving, strong and generous parents whom I bet will always do their damndest to advocate for them. I dislike the saying "Hang in there" (it makes me think of nooses) - so instead, maybe "This, too, shall pass" fits better.

  2. trabalho muito importante!


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