17 January 2011

Concert posters are rad.

I have decided that a pretty affordable way to add some 'art' to your abode is with concert posters.  Many musicians commission artists local to the city they're playing in to create a unique-to-that-city/show/tour image.  It's a great way to commemorate the event, too. It certainly isn't a new idea, but I love it all the same.  Here are some great examples:

I employed this idea in our old house with a 'The Swell Season' poster from the November 2009 show we attended.  It is a really great image, and is on super nice, thick archival paper.  Bonus:  it was about $15.  The other great thing is that these prints are usually poster size, can be framed affordably, and offer a big graphic punch to otherwise boring walls.

I will be hanging leaning that poster in the new house, too.  We're doing a couple of 'gallery' walls with this shelving from Ana White.  I have a plethora of photographs and artwork, and thought this would be a good way to display all the framed things I love.  I can easily rotate things, too, which will be nice on our plaster walls.  Everything will be unified by white frames and/or mats.  It will be super.

While in Knoxville for the Mumford & Sons show, my sister and I each purchased a tour poster.  While it's not unique to the particular show, it does honor the North American tour {well, the second one, anyway}.  The deer head sold me.  This poster is HUGE, and was $10.  I scored a thick, chunky poster frame on clearance at Target for $11.38.  The only problem was the dimension of the poster...I think it may be a standard METRIC measurement, but not a US standard measurement.  So, no poster frames fit it exactly.  I got a white mat board cut, and solved my problems.  By the way, you can have this done on the cheap at just about any place that does framing.  They will usually do it while you wait, too.

Isn't she a looker?  Even if I didn't like Mum, I would love this graphic.  Those antlers are beauts.

Even if you don't get out much, or live music isn't your thing, you can still own some of these posters.  Most band's websites have a merchandise section, and they often sell leftover posters.  Just remember, most of them are made in limited quantities, so if you're after a certain show, jump on it when you see it.

P.S. How cute & colorful would a nursery or kids room be with lots of concert posters?  Check this out on Ohdeedoh for some super kid friendly posters.

P.P.S.  I am completely unmotivated to do anything else today, but dance...to THIS.


  1. I would have never thought of that and I am a huge music lover. Thanks for a rockin' idea!

  2. Wilco has a gorgeous assortment on their website...a bunch on sale right now too. Unfortunately, I missed out on getting the one from the show we saw last winter. Good call on gallery shelves for plaster walls...I've been afraid to do the collage of frames I long for, so we have a big nekkid wall.

  3. I love your blog! My heart skipped a beat when I read this post. My hubby owns methane studios and does this very thing, creating posters. Check it out and let me know if you see anything you want!


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