29 January 2009

Who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did I think I was in high school?
Apparently, a beauty queen or something.
What was I trying to prove with all of those sequins and hair-spray?

I suppose I was just doing what every girl does in high school...trying to find their place. That is what's supposed to happen during those years, right?

I, honestly, loved dancing and my friends, AND dancing with my friends. We had some great times.

And I met Jake in high school, so it couldn't have been all bad.

Dang, we were hot!


I still like to think that my best years are ahead of me.

In fact, I know my best years are ahead of me.

ps If you thought I was unpleasant or mean in high school, think of this as my public apology. I am deeply sorry. I tried VERY hard to be nice to everyone, no matter how different I thought they were from me. I didn't always succeed, but I did try. I was, also, surprisingly, shy, and that, often times, comes off as being a brat (or some other word). It's amazing how none of it really matters now, anyway. If I've learned anything since high school, it's that we should all take ourselves a little bit LESS seriously! Seriously!

Thanks for the memories, girls!

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  1. Hey Beth,

    Thanks for visiting my page. We were all a bit more "done up" in the late 80s, early 90s. :)


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