27 January 2009


Aren't snow days magical? It makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Particularly, if you have kids in your life, even if they're not your own. Watching how excited they get, the games they come up with, the smiles on their frozen faces. For instance, my boys were using our fresh blanket of white for the backdrop of their beautifully executed attempt to stage certain scenes from Star Wars Episode V. Apparently, they were trying to establish a secret base on the remote ice planet, Hoth.

! That is childhood imagination and creativity at its finest, if I do say so, myself. My brother-in-law would argue that my boys will eventually be the president and vice-president of the Dungeons & Dragons district chapter, or organizers for the local Star Trek convention (what's up, Mr. Parrett), but I say they are exercising their little brains. Incidentally, I would love it if they became either.

And, need I remind you, Brent, that you, yes you, owned the Millennium Falcon when you were a kid, AND you still have it.
Live long & prosper!


  1. Yes, not only the Millinium Falcon was saved, but some sort of jet looking thing and several of the little men. And, boy are we thankful because our little "nerd" wanted some of that stuff for Christmas and it is EXPENSIVE!! Way to go Pack Rat Linda! Oh yeah, Brent has a lot of room to talk anyway. His son requested almost all of the Star Wars Lego sets too. Isn't Lego building part of some sort of cult?

  2. Brent also swims in t-shirts!!

  3. Action Jackson a Star Wars nerd?????
    Just keep him away from heights, like trees!

  4. I really miss snow! We moved from Cheyenne where it snowed from Sept through May and I was so done with it. But now its so sad to me that Nolan has never played in snow. Looks like you all had a blast!

  5. Why am I being attacked just because Spotnick and Radargun wanna play like they're thesbians. Why are my dorky childhood toys an issue with you! They werent an issue when my mom would call down to my lair " Brent the neighboor girls are here to play with your light saber" sweet!


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