18 January 2009

See, Mom, it's not SO bad.

I got my birthday present a little early this year. Well, actually, Jake and I don't normally give each other birthday gifts. A card, a special dinner, a kiss. That's the usual around here.

Anyway, after many days, months, even years...
I decided to NOT listen to my momma (I will be 31, after all), and just do it.
And, I am so glad I did.

Thank you to the friendly staff at CheapTRX on Grand Ave., and to Courtney (my piercer). If I ever have a need for a tattoo (which I won't), or another piercing (which I doubt), I will, totally, use your services again.

And, no, it didn't hurt. Well, maybe, just a pinch!
Watch some random girl getting her nose pierced here...
Not so bad.



  1. What happens when you blow your nose ?

  2. you're kidding me with this, right, anon?
    you don't even feel the thing, and the part inside your nose is bent up and out of the way of snotage! duh!

  3. Looks great! I got my nose pierced a few years ago and it came out while I was drying my face off. I was so careful and cautious with it. So be careful and do not try to put it back in yourself - it hurts!

  4. Would I kid you? Your my favorite DIL.


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