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03 May 2010

The father to the daughter.

Betsy and Big Jake went to a father-daughter dance at Betsy's school on Friday night.  It was the most precious thing I've had the opportunity to be a part of in long time.  We were both thrilled that she got to participate in such a 'normal' little girl activity.  It meant a lot to both of us.  And, she thought she was the cat's meow!

                                                     The Dress:
I got her dress form Target's Liberty of London line.
Originally, it was a halter dress, but Miss Bets doesn't do
so good with halter style things.
That and the straps were as thin as spaghetti. 
Not a good combo.
I added new thicker straps out of scrap pillow fabric.
Every dance dress needs some bling,
so I added little sparkly buttons here and there,
on the straps, on the pockets.
Overall, it turned out great, and she LOVED it!

When Big Daddy gave her the corsage,
she was in awe.
Immediately after, she bent down, picked up a clump of leaves,
and gave it to Jake.
I guess she felt bad she didn't get him a boutonniere.
It was the most sensitive, thoughtful gesture.
She's a doll.

This is my favorite photo!
Betsy is in love with her Daddy's truck.
It only made sense to get photos of them and the truck.
Plus, she wouldn't get out of it.
I pick my battles.

I am so glad they had a great time!

Thanks, Aunt Jilly-bean, for the hair did.
Betsy's 'buns' were perfect!

20 April 2010

Does he know me or what?

This morning, as I sat here paying bills,
I was overcome with a deep satisfaction.
No, not by the remaining balance, but of how well my husband knows me.
As our 10th wedding anniversary approaches,
we decided on a simple gathering of family & friends.
Sitting outside beside a fire enjoying their company
over good food & drink.
Basically, what our ten years together have been all about.
Family, friends, togetherness.

Of course, we all have dreams.
Dreams of what an occasion of such significance
(and, this day and age 10 years is quite significant...which is totally sad)
could be if money, babysitters, and general guilt weren't an issue.
But, 'issues' they always seem to be.


He announced a surprise.
A big one.

He's taking me to Louisville to see 'The Swell Season' on May 29th.
Just days before our anniversary.
We're staying in an awesome hotel for an incredible deal
 just a block away from the venue.

Overall, I'm just amazed.
Amazed how incredible this little road-trip with him will be,
amazed at how lucky I am,
amazed at how well he knows me
to plan such a trip,
amazed at how resilient we are together,
amazed at how much we've been through in 10 years
(more than some couples in their lifetime),
amazed at the family we've created,
amazed at our over abundance of blessings,
amazed at how much he still loves me and I him.
Just amazed.

So, to recap...






I CANNOT wait!!!

25 February 2010

Pink tutu Spongebob party realized: Take 1

Why, oh why, can't I get paid to do this stuff?
Because, it makes me giddy.
For reelz.
And, a wise man once said,
"If you love what you do,
you'll never work a day in your life."
Well, shoooooot...
sign me up for that.

P.S. Couldn't you just gnaw on that
chubby, almost 3-year-old hand?

P.P.S. Happy 33rd Birthday to my wonderful husband!
I still look at you like you're 17.
I love you.

24 February 2010

15 years of togetherness.

Jake's senior prom circa 1995

15 years ago today, I was giddy with excitement.
I was going on my first real bonafide date.
With Jake Grebe.
Mono y mono.
 He picked me up, held doors, bought tickets and snacks, the whole sh-bang.
We saw 'Billy Madison' at Kenrick Theatre (now closed).
Then, came back to my house (yes, my parents were home).
The rest is history.
I'm so glad we remember this special day in our history together.
And, it's crazy to think I've been with him almost half of my life.
How did such a crabby girl get so lucky?

21 June 2009

We love our daddys!

See y'all Monday!

05 June 2009

June 3.

We have been on vacay this past week, but while we were gone, Big Jake and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. It doesn't feel like nine years. It has gone by in a wink and a flash. In nine years, we have owned 2 different homes, had four children (I have been pregnant for 3 entire years of the nine we've been married and nursed for 3 1/2 of those 9 years...wowza), have faced what I hope will be the biggest challenge in our marriage...learning to cope with a life that diverts from the original 'plan'. Building a family was always a given for Jake and me. We knew we wanted a bigger brood, and I always just assumed they would be freckle faced kids who told great jokes, and loved to run and play and ride their bikes. But life cannot be planned and plotted. There is no road map or instructions. There isn't even a trouble shooting guide. We had a little girl that certainly was not part of the plan. At first, I didn't think I could survive such a diversion. Now, with the help of my partner, my best friend, Betsy's co-creator, I realize that it's the speed bumps, the pot holes, the rumble strips, that make life interesting. A bumpy ride is soooo much more fun than a smooooth one. A different man could've buckled under the stress. Not Jake. He was, and IS always there for me, for the kids, for us. I think pulling through such a difficult time so early on in our marriage, along with all of the other stresses of having a young family, is a true testament to our bond. I am grateful everyday that he chose me for his bride. I hope there is 90 more years to come.

26 April 2009

Thank you, honey.

If Jake wasn't as handy as he is...
our house would not look the way it does.
Ideas don't do anyone any good,
without a means to bring them to life.
Jake does that here.
Brings the house to life.
From carpentry, electric, flooring, and
general handy work,
he is a true jack of all trades.
Thank you for making our kitchen
I love you.

I can't wait to get cookin'!

03 April 2009

who does this?

The husband and I have been doing pilates.

When you are as out of shape as we are, it's hard. Really hard.

We usually do it at night, after the kids go to bed. The other night, while I was waiting for Jake to come upstairs so we could get started, I was thinking...

what 32-year-old man does pilates with his wife? Most men I know would say,

"Pilates? Are you mad, woman? I refuse. I will only run marathons, lift heavy things, or get my exercise dragging my latest kill from hunting back to my truck!".


not my man. He says,

"Sure. What is that, and when do we start?". How great is that?

While I was entwined in my thoughts concerning my beau hunk's awesomeness, I was knocked back into reality by his heavy footed treading up the stairs.

There he was in all of his glory and spandex splendor. A true tribute to the pilates' gods. A testament to all that is sacred and holy about exercise in general.

Not to mention the fact that he not only allowed me take photos, he gave me permission (happily), to put them on the world wide web.


God, I love that man.

remember to breathe.

27 March 2009

ahhhhhh, help me...

I'm messing around with different ideas for Jake's Communion invitation. I'm not sure what I'm going for, but this is the latest outcome. One version is bright, and one is muted. HELP! I don't know which one I like, or if I like them at all. I am so confused. I know, in the end, no one really cares what the invitation looks like, but I do. It's my thing, man. Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas!


29 January 2009

Who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did I think I was in high school?
Apparently, a beauty queen or something.
What was I trying to prove with all of those sequins and hair-spray?

I suppose I was just doing what every girl does in high school...trying to find their place. That is what's supposed to happen during those years, right?

I, honestly, loved dancing and my friends, AND dancing with my friends. We had some great times.

And I met Jake in high school, so it couldn't have been all bad.

Dang, we were hot!


I still like to think that my best years are ahead of me.

In fact, I know my best years are ahead of me.

ps If you thought I was unpleasant or mean in high school, think of this as my public apology. I am deeply sorry. I tried VERY hard to be nice to everyone, no matter how different I thought they were from me. I didn't always succeed, but I did try. I was, also, surprisingly, shy, and that, often times, comes off as being a brat (or some other word). It's amazing how none of it really matters now, anyway. If I've learned anything since high school, it's that we should all take ourselves a little bit LESS seriously! Seriously!

Thanks for the memories, girls!

25 January 2009

4 kids+Sunday mornings=good times

On the mornings when there is no 'childrens' church' at our house of worship, I always need to put little, quiet activities in my bag to entertain the kiddos. This morning, I put paper and pens in my bag. We were running behind, so, that's the best that could be done. On this particular morning, it was Jake and Pete that had ants in their pants. Typically, it's lil' Ro. Anywho, I let them have the pens and paper and below you will find what they came up with.

Now, I am all for giving my children artistic license, but seriously boys, I hardly think that a guy shooting, what looks to be an AK-47 Russian assault rifle, and the note Pete came up with, qualifies for appropriate church creativity.

Call me crazy.

Jake's church 'gun' art

Translation for Pete's church note: No praying, no going to bad.

And if the nun sitting near us saw this note...I apologize. Contrary to what you may be thinking, we are not raising our children to be heathens.

Well, I think that about sums up our morning.


18 December 2008

last night.

Last night it was Pete's turn to...

sing his sweet, little heart out.
(I use the term 'sweet' mildly.)

Okay, so, maybe he is sweet.
Both of my boys are.

not so much.
Betsy was still chowing down during the photo session.

Petey even got to mug with Mrs. J.

And the "bake" goes on for me, too. I am whippin' my oven into
shape with all of the goodies I'm concocting.

Here's a taste... Soon, all of my little packages will be done.
'Til tomorrow, then.

12 December 2008

pots & pans are on my mind.

I have been thinking about kitchens lately. A lot. Maybe it's the holiday baking I have yet to do, or the fact that we thought our over-the-range microwave died last week. Who knows? But they've been on my brain. We updated ours right before lil' Ro was born. We painted yucky oak cabinets. (Can you say 1986?) Got some new hardware & counters. My husband even installed them, and he created a nifty built-in plate rack above the sink. I am the weaver of dreams, and he makes them a reality with his bare hands. He's even almost chopped off a finger or two, and I've witnessed him about to vomit from nerves when cutting the hole in the counter for the sink.

, if we were staying in this house forever, I would have done a complete kitchen and bathroom overhaul. But we aren't. So for now, until the economy/real-estate market reinstate themselves to their original glory, I will just dream. I will flood my grey matter with beautiful images like below; white cabinets, farmhouse sinks, open shelving, subway tile, marble, black honed granite, stainless steel, vintage school house lighting, butcher block, bead board, hardwood. These are the things that dreams are made of.

Have a great weekend!

See ya!

12 November 2008


this is the kind of junk that my husband finds hilarious...
well, okay, it is kind of funny!


16 October 2008

Man, if I wasn't married!

So, Jake II (second from the left in the back row), played flag-football this fall, and I couldn't help but think that his coach was rather good looking. He is also a snappy dresser, I might add (love the Army shirt, hooah!). You may not agree, but it was hard for me not to stare. Luckily, I snapped this picture at the last game, and now I have permanent eye candy to look at whenever I want.
Shhhhh, don't tell Big Jake.