03 April 2009

who does this?

The husband and I have been doing pilates.

When you are as out of shape as we are, it's hard. Really hard.

We usually do it at night, after the kids go to bed. The other night, while I was waiting for Jake to come upstairs so we could get started, I was thinking...

what 32-year-old man does pilates with his wife? Most men I know would say,

"Pilates? Are you mad, woman? I refuse. I will only run marathons, lift heavy things, or get my exercise dragging my latest kill from hunting back to my truck!".


not my man. He says,

"Sure. What is that, and when do we start?". How great is that?

While I was entwined in my thoughts concerning my beau hunk's awesomeness, I was knocked back into reality by his heavy footed treading up the stairs.

There he was in all of his glory and spandex splendor. A true tribute to the pilates' gods. A testament to all that is sacred and holy about exercise in general.

Not to mention the fact that he not only allowed me take photos, he gave me permission (happily), to put them on the world wide web.


God, I love that man.

remember to breathe.

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  1. that is stinkin' hilarious :) thanks for the smile!


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