05 April 2009


It is my mom's birthday today. She is 55 years young. I think when you say 'years young' that means you are getting really old.

But, whatev.

My mom is the best. She is honest, strong, funny, loves her family, and is great for advice. She has never steered me wrong. Ever. She always has my best interests at heart. She has been a model for me in marriage, mothering, friendships (the REAL kind), and, this must be said, bargain hunting.

In the wake of an old friend's mother's passing, I have thought much about how my mom has touched my life. And, there are just too many ways to mention.

That's good though. Too many.

Here's the deal, so many people want to be their child's FRIEND. My mom wanted to be our MOTHER. Because that's what she was supposed to be.

I still look to her for mother stuff, not friend stuff. She will always be honest with me, and not just stroke my ego. She will always play devil's advocate. She will always want the best for me, and love my unconditionally, even if I don't do what she thinks I should. Friends don't always do that.

I have a best friend, I don't need another one. Least of all my mom. I want her to be my best mom.

And, good news, she is.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday!


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  1. Happy Birthday Momma Rose! I agree with everything you said.... it's funny how alike our Mothers are, maybe thats why we click so well! Mrs. Lewis


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