25 January 2009

4 kids+Sunday mornings=good times

On the mornings when there is no 'childrens' church' at our house of worship, I always need to put little, quiet activities in my bag to entertain the kiddos. This morning, I put paper and pens in my bag. We were running behind, so, that's the best that could be done. On this particular morning, it was Jake and Pete that had ants in their pants. Typically, it's lil' Ro. Anywho, I let them have the pens and paper and below you will find what they came up with.

Now, I am all for giving my children artistic license, but seriously boys, I hardly think that a guy shooting, what looks to be an AK-47 Russian assault rifle, and the note Pete came up with, qualifies for appropriate church creativity.

Call me crazy.

Jake's church 'gun' art

Translation for Pete's church note: No praying, no going to church...be bad.

And if the nun sitting near us saw this note...I apologize. Contrary to what you may be thinking, we are not raising our children to be heathens.

Well, I think that about sums up our morning.


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  1. You hav to love kids! I am just cracking up! I love Pete's letter! I think you said it best when you said, "if we can't laugh at these things what can we laugh about!!??!?!?!?"


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