24 February 2010

15 years of togetherness.

Jake's senior prom circa 1995

15 years ago today, I was giddy with excitement.
I was going on my first real bonafide date.
With Jake Grebe.
Mono y mono.
 He picked me up, held doors, bought tickets and snacks, the whole sh-bang.
We saw 'Billy Madison' at Kenrick Theatre (now closed).
Then, came back to my house (yes, my parents were home).
The rest is history.
I'm so glad we remember this special day in our history together.
And, it's crazy to think I've been with him almost half of my life.
How did such a crabby girl get so lucky?


  1. I know isn't it funny and wierd to think that we have been with our men almost half our lives!!!! Kind of makes me feel old, old and lucky! However no matter how long we have been with our men, our friendship goes back WAY further! We HAVE been friends for OVER half our lives! Lucky us!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya, Mrs. Lewis

  2. How cute are two!?!?! I love it!!! Happy 1st-date-a-versary!

  3. How have you not aged one minute????? You look the same - you lucky duck :-) Congrats to you for finding your other half 15 years ago today!


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