23 February 2010


The week leading up to Rosie's 3rd birthday party is full of preparation.
The grocery list, the decorations, the last minute sewing, the cleaning, the cooking.
I still can't believe she's almost 3.
Or better yet, that Jake will turn 9 in May, Pete's 7, and Betsy's 5 and off to kindergarten in the fall.
Time is not my friend.
Where does it go?
The second you have a reason to slow it down, it whizzes by.
Murphey's Law, I suppose.
The problem...
as a mother, there are so many moments that it's hard to 'be here now'.
Laundry, appointments, errands, cleaning, nose & butt wiping.
You get swept away with the 'need tos/have tos'.
This time should be about he 'want tos'.
Life's unfair, but it is what it is.
Too fast.
I'm sad.

P.S. Erin H., I hope you're reading this today...I accidentally 'lost' your original email about Betsy's bed and cannot seem to retrieve it. So, here is the link to where I got the pallet bed idea and how it's made.  CLICK HERE.  Ashley used a foam mattress, but we used an actual twin mattress which required some triming of the pallets.  We got the pallets from 'Home Depot', as well as the hardware and casters.  We, also, put little rubber caps on all of the exposed screws for safety.  Fortunately, before I even saw this bed on Ashley's blog I had 2 old, awesome doors in my garage that I dug out of someone's trash.  But, you could try a salvage yard or buy a new door and antique it.  Good luck!!!

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  1. Life DOES go by way to fast! We just gotta soak it up and enjoy it while we can! Happy birthday to cute Rosie!!!


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