05 June 2009

June 3.

We have been on vacay this past week, but while we were gone, Big Jake and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. It doesn't feel like nine years. It has gone by in a wink and a flash. In nine years, we have owned 2 different homes, had four children (I have been pregnant for 3 entire years of the nine we've been married and nursed for 3 1/2 of those 9 years...wowza), have faced what I hope will be the biggest challenge in our marriage...learning to cope with a life that diverts from the original 'plan'. Building a family was always a given for Jake and me. We knew we wanted a bigger brood, and I always just assumed they would be freckle faced kids who told great jokes, and loved to run and play and ride their bikes. But life cannot be planned and plotted. There is no road map or instructions. There isn't even a trouble shooting guide. We had a little girl that certainly was not part of the plan. At first, I didn't think I could survive such a diversion. Now, with the help of my partner, my best friend, Betsy's co-creator, I realize that it's the speed bumps, the pot holes, the rumble strips, that make life interesting. A bumpy ride is soooo much more fun than a smooooth one. A different man could've buckled under the stress. Not Jake. He was, and IS always there for me, for the kids, for us. I think pulling through such a difficult time so early on in our marriage, along with all of the other stresses of having a young family, is a true testament to our bond. I am grateful everyday that he chose me for his bride. I hope there is 90 more years to come.

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