31 May 2009

My dad is a bad a**.

Okay, so, I'm going to ask everyone for one second to put their politics and opinions on war aside for, like, the next five minutes or so. Can you all do that? If not, quit reading now, and go about you business. Alright, are we ready? Good.

That's my daddy up there. He is awesome. For lots, and lots, and lots of reasons, but that's a post for a different day. On Friday, he left for a year long tour of Afghanistan. It is his third year-long tour in 5 years or so, his fifth tour during war time overall. He is not in the Army full-time, but is in the Army Reserves. It never gets easier, especially for my momma. Not to mention, my dad will be 60 in November. Wowza! But it is his duty.

Here's where this gets hairy for some...

how can you be expected to fulfill your duty when it means doing something that you don't, necessarily, believe in?

My answer is pretty simple. That's what duty is. It's a moral commitment. It is committing to a cause without thinking about your own interests. Sacrificing. It is about character, and obligation to something greater than yourself.

At the farewell ceremony for my dad's unit, I was struck at the diversity of men and women leaving to serve with my father. Older, VERY young, fathers, mothers, people who have no family (literally), educated, and not. Some looked excited for the adventure to come, some looked like they might vomit (one passed out, seriously). But all united by duty. It was quite profound.

Should our country be in the middle east? I don't know. At one time, my right wingness would have shouted yes, yes, yes. But, it has robbed my family of its patriarch for a total of 3 years, and now, I'm not so sure. We are the policemen of the world, and, agree or disagree, I would hate to imagine what our country or the world would be like without the US assuming the policing role.

What is unseen is, often, quickly forgotten. It is an unfortunate truth. But, I'm asking all of you to NOT forget. I'm putting a picture of my pops in my sidebar. Let this be your quiet reminder to remember him and all of those that serve this great country.



  1. Fabulous reminder!!! AMEN!!! I will be praying and thanking God for all the brave men and women...just like your Dad!!!

  2. bethy, well said as usual. it made me tear up a little.

  3. No matter if we believe this is a war that we should be fighting or not, it is great that there are people like your dad willing to do it for our country.


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