28 May 2009

the finals.

WOO-WOO! Jake and Pete's room was named as one of the 9 finalists in ohdeedoh.com's 'smaller, cooler kids' room contest'. Now, it is up to all of you to vote, vote, vote. Tell your momma, tell your poppa, tell your friends, tell you neighbors, tell your kids, tell your pets...cause I tied for 3rd in the semi-finals, and we all need to step it up a notch. This time around, you only have 24 hours (tomorrow at 1:30pm EST, it's all over)! That's it! Make it count! If I make the top three, remember, there could be a homemade apple pie* in you future. I never needed reader loyalty more than now. I, graciously, leave it in your hands!
*some restrictions apply, duh!
Thanks y,all!


  1. I so hope you win!!!! Where may I ask did you get the boys cute curtains??? Have a great night Elma2179@yahoo.com

  2. Still trying to vote for you but it just won't work:(


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