08 June 2009

Niecy Nash WILL be proud.

As many of you know, Niecy Nash is the hostess of The Style Network's Clean House show. She has noooooo tolerance for clutter or pack rats, piles, collections, junk or basically, everything that is in our basement storage room. Now, let me preface what you are about to see with a disclaimer that I am EXTREMELY clean when it comes to the spaces we live in. Not the spaces that are used for utility purposes. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you this is true. Please do not judge me based on the following horrifying images.

Shocking...I know. Yesterday, Jake and I began the daunting task of cleaning house. It is time, and with the basement redo coming up, it only makes sense. Let me tell you how liberating it is to throw stuff away! Freedom, I tell you, freedom! It is really coming along. By tonight, I'm thinking it will be complete. I feel like calling Niecy to come over and roller skate down there with me. Ha!

Progress, thus far:

Hopefully, I will have completed after pictures by tonight. We'll see...

PS The boys' room clinched 4th place in ohdeedoh.com's 'cooler, smaller contest'. Here's what gets me fired up about it. The voting button had a 'glitch' as their IT guy called it. Because of this glitch there were lots of people who could not cast their vote. However, they still call the contest legit. Hmmmmmmm...I don't think so. Whatev!

Keep on cleanin'!


  1. the best part about the pic, rosie has some killer glitter shoes on....


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