03 May 2010

The father to the daughter.

Betsy and Big Jake went to a father-daughter dance at Betsy's school on Friday night.  It was the most precious thing I've had the opportunity to be a part of in long time.  We were both thrilled that she got to participate in such a 'normal' little girl activity.  It meant a lot to both of us.  And, she thought she was the cat's meow!

                                                     The Dress:
I got her dress form Target's Liberty of London line.
Originally, it was a halter dress, but Miss Bets doesn't do
so good with halter style things.
That and the straps were as thin as spaghetti. 
Not a good combo.
I added new thicker straps out of scrap pillow fabric.
Every dance dress needs some bling,
so I added little sparkly buttons here and there,
on the straps, on the pockets.
Overall, it turned out great, and she LOVED it!

When Big Daddy gave her the corsage,
she was in awe.
Immediately after, she bent down, picked up a clump of leaves,
and gave it to Jake.
I guess she felt bad she didn't get him a boutonniere.
It was the most sensitive, thoughtful gesture.
She's a doll.

This is my favorite photo!
Betsy is in love with her Daddy's truck.
It only made sense to get photos of them and the truck.
Plus, she wouldn't get out of it.
I pick my battles.

I am so glad they had a great time!

Thanks, Aunt Jilly-bean, for the hair did.
Betsy's 'buns' were perfect!


  1. We had a blast!! She did push me away a lot so she could dance with her friends, but we still snuck in a few dances!

    Big Jake

  2. This is so sweet. She IS a doll!

  3. Oh my goodness!! what a doll...the giving her daddy the leaves!!! That IS the sweetest EVER!!!
    and i love your re-fashion of her dress!

  4. Awh that's so sweet! She looks so darling in that dress!

  5. Awesome dress modifications, and fabulous pictures! I love it!

  6. Is there someone in the back of the truck in the picture of Betsy by herself? The pictures are adorable and I LOVE reading your blog! You and your family are an inspiration!!

  7. Get outta here - your creativity are so inspiring! This post is what lives are made of. What a lucky girl and a very lucky Daddy to be able to attend such an event!! Love reading your blog!!!!

  8. there was someone right on the side of the truck and i was at the tailgate. :) miss bets is quite accident prone and we would never leave her alone in the back of truck. for sure. rest assured, she was always within arms reach. thanks everyone for the kudos! :)


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