01 May 2010

Super fab lampshade make-over.

Here's the lampshade.
Not bad.
But remember, I want to lighten things up a bit.

The supply list is really quite simple:
1/2 yard - 1 yard of fabric
glue gun
double-fold bias tape (seam binding) - I used 1/2 inch

Here's the fabric.
It's actually outdoor fabric,
so it's a bit thick.
Although, the colors and print were perfect.
Typically, a thinner fabric works best.
Just keep that in mind.

Lay your fabric out flat.
Put the lampshade on the fabric on it's side.
Mark where the top & bottom of the shade are.
My shade was almost a perfect cylinder or drum.
That made this step pretty easy.
2 parallel lines.
However, if you have a more traditional shade,
you will 'roll' the shade as you draw your line.
This type of shade requires more fabric,
because it will look like this when you're done marking your fabric...

Once your top & bottom lines are drawn,
you cut.
Make sure you cut the fabric about 1/2 inch longer on one end.
This will allow you to tuck under the end to give it a finished look.
You don't want any fraying.
Don't worry about the top and bottom...
this will be covered with the bias tape.

Heat up your glue gun.
Then, wish you had an awesome jack-o-lantern plate to put it on.

Now, starting at the top of the shade and working your way around
put a small bead of glue along the edge of the shade.
I usually put about 2-3 inches of glue,
then, pull the fabric taught and press it into the glue.
Continue this process until there is about 1-2 inches unglued.
Repeat this process on the bottom.
Again, leaving 1-2 inches unglued.
Once this step is complete,
tuck under the extra so you don't see the unfinished edge.
and run a bead of glue from the top to the bottom of the shade.
Press down and smooth out.

Now, get your bias tape out.
Again, starting at the top of the shade,
glue the bias tape onto the shade
so that the center fold is on the tippy top of the shade.
This will put half of the tape on the front and half on the inside of the shade.
Once you've glued around the outside front,  glue along the inside.
Repeat same process on the bottom.

...and the lamp & shade lived happily ever after.
The End.


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