29 April 2010

Randomness or Camera: No Batteries

image via Giver's Log

image via Send a Ball

I am in love with this idea of mailing a frisbee or an inflated ball.
Imagine how excited kids would be to get one of the above in the mail?
All you need is a firsbee or ball and the proper postage.

Also, my cousin, Andria, is getting hitched this weekend.
My family is very close, and a wedding with us is always a good time.
It should be quite an event,
and I'm looking forward to dancing the night away with these peeps...

(ignoring Jake and my Bro-in-law in the background)...left to right:
me, Mel, Jill (my sissy), Stephanie, Emily, Andria, Tony

There are 10 of us missing from this photo.
It's a real chore getting us ALL together for a quick pic.
Maybe, Saturday is the day...

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  1. Hope you have a fab time.. There is just not much anything more fun than dancing the night away... Enjoy every dance..


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