27 April 2010

quick update...

lately, i suck as a blogger.

photoshop is on the fritz.

this puts a real damper on a couple of posts i had planned.

i feel fat.

i have a zit the size of brazil in the middle of my forehead.

that is crap because my cousin's wedding is this weekend.

i want 2 big planters for the patio.

i want good, pretty pots.

it probably won't be as cheap as i'd like.


my husband is showing me new van wheels on ebay as i type this.

how can i politely tell him to get whatever wheels he'd like because i don't care?

{i love you, jake.}

bridezillas is possibly the worst show on television.

who, on god's green earth, thinks it's okay to behave that way?

worst still, who allows people to treat them that way?

why am i so dumb that i sometimes watch it?

pete has a band-aid on his nose.

i'm not sure why.

i need to go for a run.

then to bed.


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  1. You're still cool in my book! :)
    Hang in there!


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