23 April 2010

My lil' scrapper.

injury: day 1

injury: day 2

Betsy fell at school, yesterday, while pushing a couple of other girls
on this merry-go-round bike thingy.
It got going to fast, and she couldn't keep up and wiped out.
It could've happened anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
With her, it breaks my heart into 10.347 more pieces than usual.
I can't help but wonder if she'll always be taken advantage of.
I'm not saying in this situation she was taken advantage of,
but this is what was running through my mind...
"Betsy, come push us, because we know you're super strong,
and you're willing to do the gigs no one wants, and we don't really want
you to ride with us, but you're good enough to push us."
Now, I know for a fact, that's not what happened.
It was innocent.
But those cursed thoughts of possible similar future situations crept in.
"Betsy, if you spray paint the side of the teacher's car,
we'll think you're super cool, and everyone will clap for you,
and you won't even get in trouble."
Wink, wink.
Stuff like that.
It's a cruel world, and let's face it,
she doesn't talk, wants to please,
and, generally, just wants to do what the gang is doing.
We all have anxieties about raising our children.
What can happen to them once they leave the safety of our homes?
Imagine for a moment that your child cannot speak,
and will do just about anything anyone asks of her.
The worry can be grueling at times.
The cherry on top is that since her communication skills are quite primitive,
I don't know how bad she hurts, if she needs Motrin,
if she'd like a backrub, or to rest in Momma's bed.
She's like a 60 lb. infant/toddler,
with 5-year-old wants and needs.
The good news is this:
she seems fine.
A little bruised, but back to her ole self.
Ten minutes after her fall, she was back to laughing and coloring.
Her teachers and therapists adore her,
and even called this morning to check in.
I couldn't ask for her to be in better hands.
Once again, my worries seem to be my own stupid hang-ups.
When is some of Betsy's outlook on life going to rub off on me.
Half the time when she looks at me,
I could swear she's saying,
"Mom, chill out!
Don't sweat all this stuff that you can't predict,
or, better yet, control.
Enough, already!"
Thank you, Betsy.
I will do my best.


  1. You've verbalized my feelings. This is what I worry about the most when it comes to parenting Elijah. I'm afraid he'll be hurt or taken advantage of by others who are mean, insensitive, or downright evil. But what good does worrying do? I need to take a cue from my little man too. I loved this post and I'm glad to hear that Betsy seems unphased by her owie.

  2. hugs... i hear ya all the way momma G!

  3. poor little thing. luckily she has a mom that is raising her right...she will surely grow to reflect what her parents have shown her. :)

  4. My heart goes out to you both.. I know the worst feeling in ALL the world is seeing your children hurt.. Kisses and hugs to you both.

  5. Betsy is a cutie! I am loving her dark curls and hoping for the same for my little Myra! I found your blog through Elijah's mom, Lisa. Your posts remind me of myself. I'm just not as candid in the blog world, but much of how you say stuff is exactly how I would say it in real life. =) Thanks for sharing your family.


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