22 April 2010

Global responsibiltiy.

photo of a big oak in our front yard

It's Earth Day.
I must admit for a long time
(the greater part of my 32 years)
this day didn't mean a whole lot to me.
Fun activities to do at school,
themed television shows,
save the Earth,
blah, blah, blah.
I had children.
A pull to make this planet the best it could be.
For them, their children, all children.
I had a new consciousnss.
An awakening to what throwing a diaper or a can
in the garbage really meant.
Chemicals in food, cleaning products, chemicals everywhere.
Now, I must admit...
my enlightenment can be shortlived at times.
I can't always get to Trader Joe's or buy the food I'd like,
I don't always want to rinse out every recyclable that crosses my path,
or is it feasible to clump earrands together to reduce my carbon footprint.
I am aware.
I make a concerted effort everyday.
Rosie wore cloth diapers,
our recycle been is full to the brim every week,
I buy eco-friendly cleaning products,
buy unprocessed/organic when I can,
unplug/turn things off when not in use,
and generally, try to be less wasteful.
With 4 kids, the waste can abound at times.
Although, every little bit helps.
I could do a lot better.
No doubt.
But the distance I've come is vast.
All without burning any extra fossil fuels.

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