11 February 2011

The lair of love.

Finally, I'm seeing the rest of the house come together.  It will take at least a year or two for it to be realized fully, and even then, I feel our home {no matter where it is} is always evolving.  When you collect junk like I do things are always moving around, getting a new coat of paint, or being sold on Craigslist.  These rooms are my playground.

Even though our bedroom isn't finished {some stuff isn't hung, the dresser door and one nightstand still need another coat of paint}, I thought I'd share with you a few photos.

The cielings in every room are painted the palest of blues, but every last wall is bright white.  I like the idea of plain white walls as a backdrop for bright accessories and art.  Red will be the unifying color throughout the house.  Let's see if I can pull it off...

I also had trouble justifying buying new curtain rods for the living room, family room, and master bedroom {which wouldn't have been cheap}.  Lucky for us, the house came with big, gaudy, distressed, fake brass rods on the monster windows.  Nothing some quick coats of spray paint couldn't fix.  Here, I sprayed the rod a glossy gray topped off with clearance Target curtains from the kids' bedroom section no less.  You can't tell from
the photos, but they're a funky open weave crochet.  Love.

The quilt is from Target.  It's Dwell Studios, and I think I paid $19.98 for it.  I hit the mother load clearance at Target right before we closed on this house.  Which
reminds me that I bought a really great cover for the body pillow on the bed that I cannot find in any of our boxes.  It was white with bikes all over it in red, blues, and yellow. I really want to find it.  I think it will add some punch to the bed.  Plus, it's a really fun and unexpected print.  That, and I'm going nuts that it is no where to be
found.  The mirror and tweed drum shade turned pendant light were Home Goods clearance.  The dresser is from Target.  Pretty much everything else we had, and I just painted it.

The 'me & you' print was made by Monika of "I love it all" in custom colors that I chose.  Remember THIS post? It turned out great.  The frame/mat came from Target's famous end cap clearance.  Did I ever tell you I live at Target?  I even bought the L'Oreal lipstick "Target Red" that was made just for the ole bull's eye.

Okay, enough rambling. If this post is all wonky, I apologize. I had to finish it from my phone. Let's just say we're having some computer issues.

Have a good weekend!


  1. i love everything about this room- so fresh and fun. but most of all, i llllllllllove your quilt!! i cannot believe you got it for less than $20 at target!!

    next time, just go ahead and tell us that you spent $300 for it at some local boutique. it would cut down on the envy thing a lot. ;)

  2. Love! LOVE! every detail!- our ceilings are all pale blue too!!! (inside and out!- great minds do think alike! :)...and I live at Target too!- only now it takes an hour to get there! :(
    Happy Weekend!

  3. it looks beautiful and relaxing, and love the m& you print and the yellow nightstand! it really is coming together... and you ahve your very own love lair just in time for valentine's day!

  4. I generally don't like white walls. Yours look really pretty, though. Great bedroom!


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