10 February 2011

The aftermath.

Homemade cards...
I like the flower on my shirt.  I don't recall owning a shirt like that. Maybe I should get one.

if you like meringue, this is the cake for you. Delicious.

Lego sculptures just for me...
I like the hole through 'Big Jake's' lego body.

my favorite mail delivered on my special day...
what are the chances?

What could be better?
Oh, yeah...take-out for dinner.
A super sexy man that folded ALL of the laundry.
It was a super day.

I am trying to get together at least one room
{besides the kitchen},
and photograph it to show you all some of the snail's progress around here.
Maybe today is the day.
I have 2 sicklets home with me.
When will this sick cloud hovering over our house LEAVE already?
These poor kids.
It's ridunkulous.

One more thing...
my cousin Mel's husband, J, baked me this special cake,
and shared it with me virtually on Facebook.
{Mel is on bedrest, and they couldn't deliver it for reals.}
This cake makes me very happy.
I smile just thinking about it.
For those that know me,
you know why.
And, for the record, I'm not 40.  
I'm 33.
Josh, you are so funny.


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