14 February 2011

for the love...

I know it's an overly commercialized holiday, but I think it's sweet.
Not so much the candlelight, fine wine, & roses angle
{unnecessary pressure on a relationship},
but for the crafts, the colors, the sweet little things you can do for the loves in your life.
You should let them know everyday how you feel,
but on this day you can do a little something extra.
A note, a cut-out heart, a homemade cookie, a bear hug.
It's even more fun when you do something anonymous.
I hope you enjoy this day as much as we do.
I mean who needs roses when you have your very own ROSIE?

She happily obliged me on a lunch date to Panera,
or as we say in the Lou, St.Louis Bread Co.
{After all, it originated right here.}

Happy Valentines Day!

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