31 January 2011

Stars & Sinks.

Betsy is "Star of the Week" this week at school.
It requires a poster, among other things.
Including: 5 show & tell items, a favorite snack to share, and a Q & A interview sheet.
After having to make many "Star of the Week" posters,
I have grown weary.
Plus, I like to wait until the absolute last minute.
That way, the pressure is so freakin' great that only my best ideas blossom.
Except this time.
Good thing I know Julie.
What are the chances that she was in the same pickle as I?
On Friday, I saw THIS.
My creativity issues were solved.
By someone else, but solved nonetheless.
Rest assured, you can do this without a MAC.
I am a PC girl, and did it pretty easily in a combo of Photoshop & Picasa.
I used photos from 2009 & 2010 taken by Laura Siebert and Brenda Shelton.
Both sites feature a photo or two that I am quite partial to.
Wink, wink.
I like the free fonts from HERE, too, in case, you're interested.
Then, I sent it off to Costco for some cheap {but good} 1-hour processing.
Now, she probably won't even get to use it.
We are going to have a snow apocalypse here beginning later today.
They say it will be worse than the "Snow Event" of 1982.
Yipee! {said tongue in cheek}
I can handle it, as long as the electricity does not go out. 
Food is stocked, sleds are greased up, but electricity is not negotiable.

I've had many of you email me or comment on the kitchen post about our faucet.
It is from Lowe's.
The brand is AquaSource.
I will admit being a little leery about buying an 'off-brand'.
But, this faucet is the real deal.
It's really heavy & substantial stainless steel.
It was easy to install, and we've had no problems with it.
It has an optional deck plate if you have a drop-in, over mount sink.
It also comes with a soap dispenser.
if you live near a Lowe's it is cheaper to buy it in the store than on-line.
Hope that answered your questions!


  1. Hi-I just want to say...you are way above average! Love reading...you make me laugh daily!

  2. Super-cute poster (the one I did for Jimmy was waaaay more complicated and definitely needed my Mac) but I'm in love with the simplicity of yours!
    It is so beautiful! Here's my cluttered mess (compared to yours) Jimmy LOVED it and so did his 2nd grade class last year - http://web.me.com/ericakeating/The_Keating_Kids/Blog/Entries/2010/5/1_Bigger_•_Smarter_•_Cuter.html
    Oh and THANK YOU for the font website! I use dafont.com for free fonts and I love these fresh handwriting fonts!
    Stay warm!!

  3. why does the snow always have to interfere with special days for our kiddos!?


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