27 January 2011

a 'Harry' situation.

a ROUGH  version of the invitation

Have we discussed Rosie's near clinical obsession with 'Harry and the Henderson's'?  It's sick, twisted, a bit scary, and I love it.  THIS is all she wanted from Santa {and she got it}, and she wears THIS every other day.

After much debate {mostly from my end} between a cookies & milk party, a doll party, an 'Alice and Wonderland' party, and a Harry party.  We ultimately let the birthday girl have her heart's desire.

How the heck do I throw a Harry party?

Harry likes to eat woodland foliage, fast food fish sandwiches, potato chips and dip, and 15th birthday wrist corsages.  Hardly the menu I was after.


Let's stick our heads together.  If you are remotely familiar with this 1987 theatrical masterpiece, and have any ideas, shoot them my way.  If I can use it, I will give credit where credit is due.

For once, I am at a loss.


  1. Have you seen the movie poster for this one??? SO SO SO cute. You can theme the whole party off the poster alone. Wiki it. I did to remind my sad brain about the details of the movie... :) that beautiful red rose he is holding, you could do a ton! And the quote "when you can't believe your eyes, trust your heart..." You could also make bigfoot cookies? The possibilities are endless! I'm way more excited about this than I should be. I'm sure I'll be back with more suggestions when I have a second to really think about it... ;)

  2. I just had my kids watch Harry and the Hendersons last week and they loved it! For the refreshments you could only serve vegetarian dishes because Harry was a vegetarian. I'm afraid I don't have any great ideas but I'm sure this party will be adorable!

  3. Actually you don't really need to tie your food to the movie exactly, just name whatever you are serving after the movie or parts of the movie. Gentel giant granola or sasquash sandwiches, big foot brownies. As you can see I don't remember a lot of the movie specifics but you get the idea. You could make koozies (cup coolers) out of brown furry fabric. You could have all the girls wear wrist corsages or....I really need to watch this movie agian. I am generally really good at ideas. I will let you know if I come up with more.

  4. This is very So Cal...how about some mini fish tacos {to satisfy the fish sandwich thing} and some tortilla chips and guacamole? Also, piggies in a blanket are always a hit at my kids' parties. I just get some good quality hot dogs {if there IS such a thing!}, cut them in half and wrap them in a crescent roll. Bake according to the package direction and serve with ketchup or mustard. Or Bagel Bites are always easy and a hit. How about an artichoke dip for the adults? What about anything in a stick...anxious to see what you come up with! Wish I were familiar with the movie and I could come up with something else. ;-) Oh, how about a nacho bar with chili, cheese and all the fixins?

  5. I haven't seen that movie for years, but didn't they have a funky old car with a big hump in the roof from Harry's head? That would make a cute cake. Maybe you could just stick to a forest/camping theme to resemble the place they found Harry, or take the kids on a trek around the block looking for (strategically planted) signs of Harry. Random thoughts... Good luck!


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