24 January 2011

Methane Studios.

First off, let me say, I was not paid or rewarded in any way to write this post.  Secondly, little Jake is sick, so I'll be quick about this.

I got a comment from a reader on this post, and based on what she told me, I had to check it out.

I was wowed.  Wow, wow, wow!

Her husband owns Methane Studios.  It is just fantastic.

Let me share with you a sampling:

love this one by Mark McDevitt
my favorite band du jour
and those florals make me swoon

LOVE Camera Obscura, LOVE this print by Robert Lee
think...little girl's room

this one is great by Staci Janik
would look groovy in a sewing room/studio

this one by Mark McDevitt
c'mon, we all know how I feel about Glen
and books for that matter

They sell gig posters, art prints, t-shirts, and lots of Dave Matthews posters, too.  The designs are so incredible.  

Additionally, if you follow them on Facebook here, you can get in on purchasing one of a kind test prints, and view rejected designs {personally, I think that is so cool}.  

If your design and musical tastes resemble mine at all...I highly encourage you to not only take a peek at Methane Studios, but buy something.  Treat yourself to a real work of art.  I have a feeling it's a purchase you won't regret!


  1. Thank you Beth! I just showed this to Mark and he was so pleased! We are so glad you like his work, and appreciate the post. I am an avid music lover and blog reader, so your blog just hits the spot with me! You are too cool! Carolyn McDevitt


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