07 December 2009

A nice story.Real nice.

So, on Friday, I went to see 'The Swell Season' in concert at The Pageant.  It was the first time I got to see Glen Hansard live (it is officially crossed off of the list), and it was really amazing.  The crowd was great (not too rowdy, yet, totally, ready to hear some great music), the energy was so charged with anticipation, yet calm and serene, and the band...well, the band was unbelievablly incredible.  It was like a dream.  I know that sounds over the top, but I cannot express in words what seeing them 'for reals' was like.  Music has such a hypnotic power over me.  I have great amounts of respect for musicians and songwriters.  It is such an amazing art form.  Words with music.  To me, it seems like such a sacrafice to put a settled kind of life on hold, so that you may bring your 'art' to people the world over.  But, I suppose to them they are just doing what they were born to do.  What makes them who they are. 

Okay, enough Glen love.  Onto to the meat of this story...

So, I go to the show with Big Jake and my cousin, Michelle.  It was fantastic. 

Afterwards, we meet up with my sister, my bestie, my cousins, and their other halves at Pin-Up Bowl (a retro-ish bar and bowling alley where you can order Pop-Tarts, how cool is that?!).  We had a great time talking and laughing.  Throughout the night there were lots of jokes about Glen popping into the bar (it was next door to the venue) and sweeping me off of my feet and onto the tour bus.  Ha, ha!  Jake even said he'd let me go.  It was all very comical.  Then, we decided our tummies were hungry for some late night greasy spoon food, so, we packed it up to head to Courtesy Diner for some slingers

We all parked behind The Pageant, but on different ends.  So, our motley crew split up in two different directions; my sister, Christy, Tony, and Emily one way, and Jake, Michelle, and I the other way.  On the way around the building, I was thinking to myself how ironic it would be if the band was getting on the bus to head out just as we were walking to the car.  Apparantly, the other group was thinking the same thing.  We must have both reached the back around the same time, and when we did...well, HOLY CRAPTASTIC! 

There standing in a group of 15-20 people in the balmy 20 degree St.Louis temps, was Glen and Marketa!  They were talking with the group of fans, signing autographs, being so gracious, and, basically, just oozing coolness. 

Here's the Glen/Beth convo breakdown:

me: Hi, would you mind getting a picture with me?

Glen (in his wicked Irish accent): Yeah, yeah!  Sure!  Just after this picture, cool?

me (swoon, trying to hold my cool factor together, and failing miserably): Awesome.  Thanks!

Yes, I think I said awesome.  Lame.  I know. 

Let me just say, that I am not one to be mesmerized by fame, celebrity, or the like.  I'm not even sure Brad Pitt or Jude Law would make me a crazed, fanatical mess.  It's just never been my thing.  I think I had a Grateful Dead and a Phish poster on my wall in high school, not a poster of Corey Haim, if you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down.  But, to have someone I respect and admire so much from afar standing right next to me.  Someone who's creative genius speaks to me in such an enigmatic way...well, it was surreal to say the least.  I was one smitten kitten. 

After that, Marketa Irglova (who is as cute as a little pixie that I wanted to stick in my pocket) posed with me for a money shot.  They, also, both signed my ticket stub. 

I sound like a big weirdo, I know. To put it into perspective for you, pick one famous person you would want to meet, that you not only have a super secret crush on, but greatly esteem.  Now, imagine how you would feel.  That's how it was for me times 5,734,398,380.  Seriously. 

I'm still a mess over it.  I've just been randomly smiling, or watching some of the video I shot of the set, and getting giddy.  Aside from my wedding day, and the birth of my 4 children (duh), it was quite possibly one of the best nights ever.  I think what made it so great, was that it was so unexpected, so impromptu,  AND I got to share it with some of my all time favorite people who were so happy for me (some of my posse even had tears).  The stars were aligned, JC was sharing a smile with me right at that very moment.

And, just because even I thought it was funny...
My cousin, Tony, (God love him) nicely stated, "I don't see what the big deal is...he looks like Yukon Cornelius." 

Alright, alright, I'll give him a pass on this one, because in this particular case, it's utterly true.  Yukon, or not, Glen is still scrumptious.  Thanks for the laugh, anyway, Tony.


  1. What a fantastic story Beth! It provokes all those warm fuzzy feelings that re-affirm all that is good in the world! And I am so with you on the music thing. Music truly moves the soul; it transcends all human barriers - race, religion, language, and allows people to connect.

  2. I still can't believe how that night turned out!!!!I was so happy for you yes I was the one crying!But you forgot to mention that one of the band members was making fun of me when we 1st saw him walk out!You know me and my excited squeal!!!! -Christy!

  3. Oh hey I read your blog!!!!!

    Mrs. Lewis

  4. i hate you.
    i might right click your pics and photoshop myself into them.
    because I didn't get to go.
    we had some SUPER LAME obligation the night they were in LA.
    hating. jealous. whatevs.
    but I am really happy for you too.

  5. I forget how I found your blog today but I did and I just love this post. I only discovered Glen Hansard in early-2010 when I saw Once. I immediately fell in love with his voice and his lyrics and just the beauty of his and Marketa's music. We were going to see The Swell Season this summer but work got in the way and we couldn't go. Then on Thanksgiving weekend The Frames were playing The Fillmore in SF and so I dragged my husband to a Sunday night concert. It was out of this world! I used to work for a few radio stations so I've been to my fair share of concerts but this was on a whole other level. I am now a huge fan. Congrats on getting to meet your musical genius.


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