01 February 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby.

photo by Stephan Savoia

"There is something joyful about storms that interrupt

 routine. Snow or freezing rain suddenly releases you from

 expectations, performance demands, and the tyranny of

 appointments and schedules. ...All those affected this way are

 united by a mutual excuse, and the heart is suddenly and 

unexpectedly a little giddy."

 -Wm. Paul Young, "The Shack"

All right, stop.
Collaborate and listen...
The ice has come to the Lou.  

In fact, the ice is still falling.  As I type.  

Now, we wait for the 10 inches of snow.  

The fridge is stocked. The electronic devices charged.  

If we lose power, my sanity will go along with it.  

But, for now, we are having fun.  Watching movies, playing 'Angry Birds', pushing strollers around the house, napping here and there, and, generally, enjoying this unexpected staycation.  

Ask me in 3 days how I'm doing.  I may have a different response.  

Be safe if you're out in this madness!


  1. Beth-You make me laugh! You all are welcome to come and hang out at my house...my kids are playing angry birds too...although it would probablly cost a pretty penny...but Florida is dare I say it...81 degrees today. Stay warm...have fun...keep us updated on the ice!

  2. The storm has passed through my neck of the woods and school's been canceled again tomorrow. I'm not sure my sanity can handle it. I had two sick kids and a sick husband home last week. Now my husband is snowed in another town and I'm home with two kids by myself for at least the next two days. Yikes! I'm going to need a vacation away from my family by the end of the week:)

  3. so, I've spent the last day scrolling through your blog...i love it:) I love your kitchen! keep up the good work!


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