17 March 2009

She's a winner!

Although, I did not need someone to tell me Miss Betsy is a winner, it is official that, now, she is one. Awhile back, I posted here about Betsy being a nominee for the St.Louis County Special School District's highest honor for students, the Rosemary Zander Award. And, a few days ago we received word in the mail that she was chosen as a recipient. Woo-woo!

She had a professional photo shoot last Thursday for Special School District's and our home district's publications, and in April their is a huge sit-down dinner banquet. (I posted about the outfit Betsy will wear here.) It is quite a big deal.

So, because of the enormity of the event, we will be honoring her with a candy and dessert buffet at Jakey's communion luncheon. In my vision, I see it as beautiful as one that Martha would whip up. But, alas, I do not think I have it in my budget for such an extravagance. The hunt for the right candy and goodies at the right price has officially begun.

ps I would appreciate any hints as to how I can do this as fabulous as possible on the cheap.




  2. Also, I was going to say that our Wal-Mart has some really cute candy in the Easter aisle this year. It is all color coded. So they have a green section - with just big green and white lollipops, just green m & m's, just green eatable grass, just green cotton candy, etc. And they have this for several different colors. Also I have ordered stuff for work from candy warehouse, etc.

  3. fyi, i have some glass stuff you can borrow-remind me to get it together for you

  4. Congratulations to Betsy!!!
    If the event is after Easter I would think buy candy when it goes on sale. Contact groceries store and ask them when they will do that in order to get it before they remove it from shelves. Once you remove candy from packages no one is going to know it is suppose to be easter candy. And pale colors are so beautiful.
    As for glass containers I find walmart the cheapest. Or go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock on them. Just wash them well before use. :)

  5. I usually go to Ben Franklin's, orientaltrading.com, or Party City for "fun" candy that is affordable. But it doesn't necessarily look like it tastes good. Good Luck and Congrats to Betsy!


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