17 December 2008

and the nominees are...

the face of a winner

I was told today by Betsy's teachers that they are nominating her for the Rosemary Zander Award. This is the highest honor a student in the St. Louis County Special School District can receive. I was surprised, to say the least. Betsy's family surely thinks she's outstanding, but for the staff at her school, who work with her, to the think she is an inspiration...well, that's something else entirely. They must REALLY like her. I know they must, because her physical therapist was brought to tears when Betsy gave her a Christmas present today at the holiday party. This little girl has quite an impression on people. I am certainly proud of all of my children. What mother isn't? But today, I was struck with more of a "I-am-proud-overwhelmed-that-I-was-chosen-to-be-their-mother" feeling. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that one of my kids would touch so many people's lives in such a profound way. We all have hopes and dreams for our kids, but they are who they are, and their destinies are out of our hands. An astronaut, doctor, or child actor would be nice, but who gets to say they have a 'Betsy'?

Betsy has progressed so much over the last couple of years because of the care and attention her teachers and therapists give her. They have made all of our experiences with her school so wonderful, I wish I could nominate them for something just as grand.

Betsy's school is awesome!
a few reasons why:

GOOD decorations for a GOOD craft...'gingy' houses

homemade play-dough in Christmassy colors

teachers willing to haul in a Kitchen-Aid mixer for homemade icing

cubbies FULL of presents from the awesome staff
...jingle all the way!

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