03 March 2009


Not only does this dress have goodness written all over it. BUT, Tiffany, the woman who makes it is goodness in human form. Let me tell you a story about her AND this dress that is pure goodness...

My beautiful, Miss Betsy Jane, was chosen as a recipient for the Rosemary Zander Award. Yeah! I wrote about it here many weeks ago. It is the highest honor the St. Louis Special School District bestows upon students who show outstanding achievement. Yeah, again! Anywho, I wanted to get her something special to wear on the night of the big award banquet in April. I knew I wanted something a little bit more custom, definitely handmade, and undoubtedly, from etsy. The search began, but, luckily, I found that little number above, fairly quickly. The problem is, that I like Betsy to have bloomers or leggings with dresses because she still wears a diaper. April is more like a bloomer-kind-of-month. So, I had to contact Tiffany of the etsy shop, princessister2, to see if she could help me out. I mean, I needed that dress for Bets. I explained the potty training situation because of Betsy's disabilities (sometimes I feel the need to explain myself, guilty as charged), the award banquet, the special dress, etc., and not only is she going to whip up bloomers in a size 7, but she is doing it FREE OF CHARGE as a gift to Betsy. How freakin' cool is that? That, my friends, is the embodiment of goodness.

I don't know about you, but these kinds of things always happen to me just when I am starting to doubt the human race. Wowza, God is a mastermind, THE mastermind, isn't He? Giving us just what we need, right when we need it. Incredible and good.

Later, gators!


  1. Wow Beth. That's a great and sweet story. It touched me. :) Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. What an AWESOME lady! I am going to her site today! I am soooooo happy for Betsy!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Lewis

  3. bethy, i'm buying from her just because she was sooo nice! see everybody you attract more flies with honey than vinegar...

  4. So cute- Betsy will look adorable. Makes me want a little girl. Tammy


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