02 March 2009

Technical difficulties.

Am I the only one who has noticed that my Blogger template is all screwed up? What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is up? And, how the heck does one contact an actual Blogger person that can help? I don't want a help menu or to have to do a Google search for help. Just an email address, an 800 number, something. I did absolutely nothing to my layout or html, and now, all of my sidebar items are WAAAAAAAAAY at the bottom of my posts. Not to mention, it's straight-up ugly.

And, speaking of straight-up ugly AND technical difficulties...

check this out!

At first, you may be thinking that I am referring to my sister's unsightly leg stubble. But, I am really wanting you to take notice of the golf ball size abnormality on the outside of her ankle. OUCH! She fell going UP the stairs Saturday night during Mel's bachelorette/slumber party. I can safely say that adult beverages were not to blame. Just a combination of poor balance, timing, and carpeted stairs. Thankfully, it is not broken, and the doctors say she will be able to hobble down the aisle this Saturday with no problem.

Hopefully, Blogger will get it together and fix my template issue. Until then, we will all just have to deal. If you use my blog roll to hop around to other worthy blogs, just keep scrolling down to the bottom and you will see it in all of its glory.

(Good thing Jill loves me, otherwise, she might be mad at me for pointing out her furry gams. he, he, he)

Here's to being patient!


  1. you forgot the part about i could use some lotion too. oh, and you wanna see something even purtier... you should see the beautiful colors it is now. and, can you say kankle??

  2. If anyone can pull off a Kankle in an evening gown it would be jill!!!! Mrs. Lewis

  3. Well now everyone knows I felt on Richter Lane! Like big klutz. Did she get a ride in abbot ambulance?


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