16 March 2009

Spring Break.


Today marks the first official day of my kids' Spring Break. I tend to have mixed feelings about Spring Break. So, let me explain. Spring Break used to symbolize a break from educational endeavors. Freedom. A detachment from responsibility and conscience. It was a time to let your hair down and gather with friends, ideally in a tropical environment. Beer was aplenty, and so was inappropriate swim wear. It was a time to shed your better judgement and dance on a table in a seedy bar topless.

Okay, so I never did that. In fact, my freshman year at the University of Kansas, I went on a service trip to Colorado with Habitat for Humanity. But, whatev, you get my point.

Now, spring break means something much different. I have to think of activities to keep my litter busy. Things like, crafts, lawn games, zoo outings, the St.Louis Children's' Museum. You see the paradox here? What Spring Break used to embody, and what it means today? It most certainly is no "break" for me. But, when you have children, what is really about YOU anymore? Children are quite the blow to the self-possessed ego. Are they not?

Please don't misunderstand me...
I LOVE my children. I would throw myself in front of a taxi in Cancun, or anywhere for that matter, for them in an instant. I am simply pondering how different life is with them. And, rightly so. When you choose to have kids, there is suddenly something much more important to worry about than yourself.

That is how it's supposed to be.

So, I say bring on Spring Break '09. I, for one, am going to print up some tacky t-shirts, and possibly teach the kiddos to bong some Kool-Aid. Okay, so maybe that is taking it a bit too far. Either way, we are going to enjoy the warmer temperatures and have a great time!

It's just really unfortunate that my white string bikini doesn't have a place in a St.Louis "mommy & kid" Spring Break week. It is with a heavy heart that I will shove it back in a drawer.

Totally kidding! (I hope that I didn't make you throw-up in your mouth a little!)


Have a GREAT Spring Break!

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