15 March 2009

St.Patty's Day in St.Lou.

St.Patrick's Day is an institution in St.Louis. Even if you're not Irish. Which, neither Jake or I, are. It is the one day that it is okay to have one too many (only if you're not driving, of course), the one day in which you instantly become "family" with someone just because you have green hair, the one day that it is perfectly alright to kiss strangers because the shirt says to, the one day that it is just about good times.

This year we met up with a REAL Irish family at the festivities. Our dear friend's momma is an Irish girl (Casey's mom, Peggy). A Sheahan before marriage (oooo, just the sound of it has Ireland written all over it). What fun it was! And, what a GREAT spot that Miss Peggy stakes out waaaaaaaay before the parade starts. The kids had a blast, we had a blast. It was pretty much a blast!

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Erin Go Bragh!

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