02 November 2011

Hump day ear candy.

Matthew and the Atlas. 

Just really fantastic stuff. 

Had a few of their songs on my ipod, but then I saw them open for Mumford & Sons back in June. 

Wow, oh, wow!

You know, the same show I that I got to sit in the sound booth.  The show that I met Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, and Ben Lovett.  And, yes, I stood 5 feet from Winston Marshall, but it's hardly worth mentioning because apparently he was too good to frolic with the fans.  Dumb.  The show that I found myself in the same place as the band after the show for a good hour, and had a nice chat with Ted & my cousin while I was there. It's true.  I would bore you with photos, but this post is really about Matthew & the Atlas, after all.  Okay, just one...

So, where was I?  Oh, yes...M & the A are good.  Really good.  They will actually be here Thursday night.  Not here as in my house, but here as in St.Louis.  Just to clear up any confusion.  I mean, they are more than welcome, but I'm not sure they know who the hell I am. 

My favorite...

And more...

They also do a fantastic cover of The Pogues 'Fairytale of New York'.  Listen HERE.  They are definitely worth adding to one of your playlists.  Good, good stuff. 

I think I have a banjo problem. 

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