03 November 2011

The Rock.

Our master bathroom sucks.  It's functional, and that's about it's only endearing quality.  Real problems, right? 

Well, it's just not in the cards for a total gut job.  {Which it desperately needs.}  It's a totally awkward space, and needs to be reconfigured.  The sink area is open to our bedroom which is strange, and that door that you see {which we screwed shut}, is a pass through to Pete's room.  The toilet and shower are to the left and are separated by the sink area by a door.  It's just a little too cuckoo-ka-choo for me. 

It was so bad, I didn't even take before photos.  Which I now regret.  The sink was peach with some sort of permanent toothpaste'ish stain in it, the vanity was a creamy color, with a faux marble finish, and you can still see the pretty floor.  Stunning as it is.  It was lovely.  Plain lovely.

It made me want to vomit every morning.  Right in that pretty peach sink.  Something had to be done.  Enter creative ingenuity.  We had some grayish/tan paint that I slapped on the walls, stupid door, and ceiling.  Then I took this {but was able to purchase the faux bois 'rocker' separately,and not the whole kit at Home Depot}, and some brown paint that we had, and did a faux bois finish on the vanity.

Then, add a white-less-than-$30 drop in sink, and it looks MUCH better.  I added the white deer head for a little towel rack, and moved my old-window-turned-accessory-holder and hung it over the hole where an old, nasty medicine cabinet randomly was.  Big Daddy also changed out the light fixture for my old favorite stand by HERE. {Yes, you can still buy them in-stores, and yes, it's an outdoor light, but who cares? They also look fab spray painted obnoxious colors, which I still may do.} 

Then, the piece de resistance...that mid-century rocker.  It's awr-some!  My mother-in-law was getting rid of it.  YES, PLEASE!  Now, I know a rocking chair seems a bit odd in a master bathroom, but it just works, ya know?  

I 'rocked' the vanity, and 'rocked' the chair. 

What can I say?  I like to rock.

Now, I just need to find an affordable oriental'ish type rug to cover up some of that floor.  Yick!  I think the reds, golds, and blues will really tie into the other colors going on in the room.  I found one I loved at HomeGoods, but when I checked the price it was $99!!!!  For a 4x3 rug?!  Pass.  Hello, Craigslist. 

We have a plan for the shower/toilet area to cover the sub-par tile on the wall, but I don't want to talk about that now.  I'm tired of typing.  But, I can assure you it will be cool & cheap, with a super-fly industrial/cottage feel. 

Someday, we will lay the leftover hardwood where the nastiness now lies, dry wall in the non-functioning door, and we will retrofit an old dresser to fit this bad girl...

In all honesty, we will probably never gut it after doing all of the above.  The hard part will be finding the right piece to fit the sink.  That may take some time.  I am NOT patient, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. 

Time will tell...

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  1. love the rocker, and the light.
    bathrooms, i find a challenge..


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