22 September 2011

To bunk or not to bunk?

image via Dmagazine, photo by Stephen Karlisch

So, we've only been here for about a year, but I'm thinking about {per Rosie's urging} putting bunk beds in the girls' room.  They can use the ones the boys used to sleep in

It really would give them a lot more room since they have a shared space.  I could even give them a little art table, ballet barre and mirror, and a dress-up center.  Sounds like a long list of pros. 

The big con...talking Big Daddy into moving things around and putting the bunks back together.  Yikes!  That is a BIG CON!  I think he is done with house projects for awhile.  {Little does he know the master bathroom reno looms in his future.}

IF I can work my magic on the old man, I have another big idea to try a simple mural the girls' bedroom.  I'm loving the pagoda in the image above.  One of those in glossy red would fit perfectly on the wall space next to their closet. 

What to do, what to do?


  1. My kids share a room. Andy and I are debating if we get them each their own beds or would a bunk bed be more fun. But then I would be fretting all the time when the top kid will fall off the bed. He falls off the regular one. If we go with bunk bed it would give them much more room but then they only sleep in their room. I am with you. What to do?

  2. I have four girls and I put them all on a futon! Come check it out!


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