17 November 2008

The Boys' Room...

Okay, so I am the kind of person that used to feel sorry for the other stuffed animals that I didn't pick to sleep with at night when I was a kid. So, inevitably, they all ended up in my bed. Anyway, I felt bad for Jake's and Pete's room. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I think the girls' is cuter. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate today's post to the rascals' room.
Again, everything was cheap. The curtains are Dwell Nursery (just because they were for a nursery doesn't mean they can't work, think outside the box) from Target.com clearance. I then straight stitched orange 1.5" grosgrain to the top.

The bedding is all from places like TJ Maxx, Pottery Barn Kids, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond clearance racks.

I painted an old armoire, lampshades, and desk organizer orange. The pendant light in the corner (the boys have dubbed this the "Harry Potter" light) was rescued from the throw away pile from my parents' new house. See what a coat of brown spray paint can do?

I designed the desk, but my dear husband built it out of MDF. It is paired with old bar stools from my sister's old, old apartment.

Yes, that is the front end of an old Mini Cooper that my man sprayed with white auto paint. Pretty cool, huh?
The desk is great. It keeps all their junk somewhat organized, and they love it. It was a great use of dead space. The little magnetic strips holding pictures under the window were bought by my sis' at IKEA for, like, $.99 apiece.

Each rug rat has their own book shelf and touch light for nighttime reading. Their heads face different ways which they think is the coolest, which leads me to believe there is some hanging of the top bunk that goes on. Hmmmm....

This room is only like 10' x 11', but I think we really got some bang for our buck in here.
I tried to create lots of storage in every nook and cranny. Getting backpacks out of the way is great since we don't have a mudroom. Those cute letter hooks
are from Anthropologie. And nothin' beats a bucket 'o blocks.

The last really funny thing about their room is the book in the shadow box (below). Our last name is "Grebe" (pronounced Gree-bee). I had no idea that there was a water bird called the "grebe" (pronounced Greeb). That book was Big Jake's when he was a kid. The book itself is a little scary. There is a weasel in it that eats some of the baby grebes. Not a pretty sight, so, I thought I'd put the nightmares at bay, and frame it. Instant art!

Well, have a great Monday!

Remember...10 days until TURKEY DAY!

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